Rumah Minimalis Modern Tipe 36

Rumah Minimalis Modern Tipe 36 - Do not let the area below the stairs you are "unemployed". The potential is extraordinary to make the room more comfortable occupied.

Often we are just ignorant to the things that really difficult to set up the room, say the area under the stairs. The area under the stairs is often the last location that we are good. Not because it is not important, but indeed because of its shape which has the inclined plane (the bottom of stairs) requires refined design that is not the same as other rooms.

If at home you have the space under the stairs, usahlah worried. Look at the design of the space under the stairs in this room. Simple and creative. There was a Rectangle table with slender legs, table lamps, and philodendron plants. The combination of all three produces corner space good. Two small paintings becomes an interesting touch that you add on the wall behind the desk.

Oh, yes. Space under the stairs is usually not too broad. Therefore, try using white paint to get the ambience untukdinding room more brightness and contrast. Small space requires a level just enough light to show the details.

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Matts said...

Designnya keren banget ya n gak terlalu besar tapi terlihat indah dan elegan....Ini nin Rumah idaman banyak orang...

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