Cerita Panas Dewasa Tante Kost Ibu

A businessman curtain (curtain fabric) IG, Simo fringe area residents, Surabaya, mortgaged the 10 cars leased to others.

"The 34-year-old man embezzled car rental from two locations," said Adj Reskrim Polrestabes Surabaya, AKBP Anom Wibowo, Monday (22/11/2010).

Second car rental (rent a car) is referred to Rent A Car's Heritage Agus Haryono, residents and Luminto Sidosermo Rent A Car's Heart, a resident Rungkut.

"After receiving reports from the victims, members of the moves and do an investigation immediately. Thankfully, we can suspect arrested," he said.

In addition to GI arrest, police also arrested the AH, which acts as a receiver rental car. The 36-year-old man police arrested at his home, in Sampang district, Madura.

Of the 10 cars, three of which belong to Heritage Rent A Car, and seven others belonging Lumintu Rent A Car. The majority of the mortgaged car is a family type car.

Surprisingly, the 10 car was stolen and pawned the suspect only in the period of a month in October, then he can be arrested in November.

Adj Former General Crime Ditreskrim East Java Regional Police revealed, IG rented at a price of Rp 250 thousand per one car.

"mode by the suspect, he was hired in five days and one month. To avoid suspicion, he paid off a five-day and 50 percent for the month. However, after the time of return, the suspect did not return it," said Anom.

Meanwhile, the suspect confessed to the investigator IG pawn per car with prices ranging from Rp 15 million to $ 30 million.

"I pawned to the AH with cheap price, depending on the type of car," he explained.

General Crimes Kanit Satreskrim Polrestabes Surabaya, AKP Arbaridi Jumhur, admits that they develop the case and look for the presence of other actors.
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