4 Answers Sex Questions You Want to Ask

4 Answers Sex Questions You Want to Ask - Sometimes there are several topics concerning sex that are too embarrassing to ask your doctor or a good friend. Here are four answers to sexual questions that made you embarrassed to ask.

"Why Miss V remove this smell?" or "My partner often watch pornographic movies, whether it means he is not thrilled with me?". Such questions often come to mind yet, you are embarrassed to ask. This he answers questions about sex that shame you ask, as quoted from Sheknows.

1. "What makes Miss V issued a bad smell?"
According to health experts from NineMSN, Miss V do cleaning automatically, and lactic acid that keeps them healthy. There are times when Miss V issued a distinctive aroma, and it is fair. But if the smell is likely to sting and smell, there is a possibility you have an infection, if this happens contact your doctor immediately.

2. "Is there a way to reduce noise on V miss when having sex?"
The voice that usually sounds like a waste of wind that occurs when the air trapped in the Miss V and then quit suddenly, according to AskMen. Such as doggy style sex positions make it possible. Therefore, try to position 'woman on top' or missionaries to reduce the annoying sounds it.

3. "Is it safe when the couple to penetrate and then perform oral sex?"
We recommend using a condom during penetration to prevent the bacteria from the Miss V or other areas into the mouth. This can cause infection.

4. "Couples I love watching porn, and actress in the film is very different to me. Should I be worried that he was not thrilled with me?"
Most porn movies are fantasies that can hardly be done in real life. Sometimes when a man watching porn is not always about sexuality, they find something funny, weird and unpredictable.

Your partner may be excited by the women were thin and have such a large breast forms which are found in pornographic movies. But that does not mean he wants a woman in real life.


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