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Foto gambar malam pertama need a win to get up after the defeat in El Clasico. So a 2-0 win over Ponferradina also satisfy the entrenador, Jose Mourinho.

Madrid travel to Estadio El Toralin, Wednesday (14/12/2011) pm dawn with a mission to win in the last 32 first leg of the Copa Del Rey, to smooth their path into the next phase.

Although his opponent was limited to Segunda Division B team, but the shadows of defeat to Barcelona last weekend probably still looming. But Madrid proved their winning mentality and can go home with heads held high.

End the game with 10 players after Raul Albiol received a red card, Los Blancos win thanks to goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Callejon.

A result that makes Mourinho happy because his mission to win with a score of 2-0 is reached. Although Madrid's quality far above his opponent, but Mourinho did not underestimate his opponent's.

"We still look seriously and taking one important step forward despite playing the second leg at home to us. The my players did a good job," he said at the team's official site.

"I hope we win 1-0 or 2-0 games against teams with good organization and knows how to play. They are highly motivated and demonstrate the high spirits. We will also show the same respect and Fairplay as they showed today, "he concluded.

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