Drug Klezmer Lontong Field plus Lupis Legit

A soft chewy pieces of chicken with a piece of beef rendang transverse that tender. Vegetable savory pumpkin, jackfruit, dried potatoes and tempe plus balado eggs make fine this time komplet. Her inimitable blend of typical vegetable rice field is indeed delicious steady!
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Peanut Lower Blood Cholesterol?

Who is not familiar with the nuts? Kriuk crisp savoury snack is often avoided because of the accused as a culprit of acne. When the beans have a number of minerals and vitamins that strikes to the body.
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Salmon and peanuts, Trigger Passionate Sex

Lately the passion of love-making decreased? Maybe the flurry of work and exhaustion make you lazy fuck. Take a break and eat food bernutrisi can help nurture passionate sex. Including eating some food is great!
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Indonesia Food Festival Held in Sydney

KJRI Sydney Central deploying culinary festival entitled Flavour of Indonesia. The Festival presents two chef from Indonesia aims memperkenal menu-menu of Indonesia to the community of Sydney.
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Students Demand Provide Halal Menu NJU

Demand for halal menu turns out to be not only happens in communities around the world. The protests were leveled at a campus in America because does not provide halal menu. Muslim students want the same rights on their campuses.
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KTO present in Salihara!

You who like to spend time at the Kopitiam Oey (KTO) Sabang, now You can enjoy it in Salihara. Menu-menu offered similar with some differences in the lunch and menu sarapannya. Curious?
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Poffertjes and rice table of buitenzorg

At the Bogor botanical gardens there is a cafe that has always been the intended audience. The name fits in with their surroundings ' Leaves '. Now the Cafe also features new menu rijsttafel, besides do not forget also the tasting poffertjes.
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Recipes Meat Gruel Gruel: a la Korea

Bored with chicken porridge? Hmm ...try porridge with meat sautéed marinated Korea. The Aroma of fragrant onions and wijennya would make a mush more tasty. Moreover, eaten with sambal cocolan.
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Pring Can Vibrate and Sound

How great would it be if Your dinner plate provides the sound effects and vibration? Hmm ... would be an interesting dining experience? The effect of the light emitted shall make the food look so much prettier. Curious?
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Food Miniature, unique and Beautiful

Food miniature which is a clone of the different types of food is getting more and more popular. Its shape is created as the original food ranging from the size of the mini, was, until the size of the original food. The price indeed is expensive, but what makes it more popular?
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60 percent of people with Hepatitis in Indonesia difficult to treat

The disease hepatitis caused by some types of different genotype of the virus. But about 60 percent of people with hepatitis in Indonesia caused by the type of virus that are difficult to treat.
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The signs the body Hit the high Radiation are easy to spot

Signs of people exposed to radiation does not always appear later on, there is also a recognition that time also. Symptoms range from dry skin, nausea-vomiting and died instantly.
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The Cause Of Woman Ngorok While Sleeping

Anyone can ngorok both men and women and equally make a partner can't sleep soundly. Although there are your triggers with males, ngorok females also influenced hormones.
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Cure Headaches Could Repel Sweat Stains in Clothes

Sweat stains on the shirt does indeed make head reel. Cure headaches especially aspirin could solve 2 problems, cure head reel gross and cleaning the stains on the clothes.
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A Brief Overview of Beauty Salons

beauty salons around the world have sprung up in response to the growing list of clients who are even with the recession blues spend a lot of money on beauty treatments.

Also known as a beauty salon, and provide professional salons and beauty treatments for men and women. Recently with the growing demand for natural beauty treatments, there was a burglary in the availability of aromatherapy, massage, mud baths and other similar services to dealerships.

In addition to haircuts and styles, most beauty salons offer treatments that include hair extensions, hair coloring, manicures and pedicures, eyebrow design and redesign, facial hair removal, waxing arms and legs, with a range of facial rejuvenation and treatment.

Some beauty salons even offer specialized skin and beauty treatments such as ear piercing, micro debrasion, capillary correction, collagen treatment and photo rejuvenation. Attractive packages and discounts are offered as a package or summer wedding specials and so on. In addition, you can opt for the makeup and accessories for special occasions.

Many beauty salons offer a variety of cosmetic products for sale as well. From makeup products like lipstick, blush, eye makeup for special kits for skin care, herbal beauty products and so on.

When choosing beauty salons need to evaluate the services you need. For example you want a simple haircut or want to opt for specialized services such as the European facial.

Make sure the salon you need to take appointment or you can just walk in for availing the services. If you want a special service, then in most cases you will need to take prior appointment to shop.

In the end it all boils down to price services that offers a beauty salon, with the reputation of the experts there. While popular Stylists usually charge a higher price for their services, you can choose to work with affordable stylist and cosmetologist at the salon near you.

If you find the services provided by the beauty that is appropriate then it is best to put on it to get the best beauty services for all your needs.

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Most Of The Sitting Could Trigger Ngorok While Sleeping

While working in the Office all day, leave a table work once time to walk around. Research proves, too much sitting during the day causing someone snores while sleeping the night.
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Doctor Indonesia Should Be Able To Quick Detection Of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is currently the number continues to increase, but alas still a bit of a doctor who understands disease. Doctors in Indonesia needs to be given the ability to detect fast symptoms of Hepatitis C.
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The same age, But Women Look Older Kok of Man

Many pairs of men and women have the same age, but generally women face looks older than the men. Why be so?
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How to Get Back With Your Ex-Girlfriend - Lay Off the Leather Money Clip

is often in your efforts to win his girlfriend back into your loving arms, you will be painfully tempted to whip out your leather money clip her shower with expensive gifts, wine, and its lunch every A-list restaurants can afford to turn your house into the sanctuary of love filled with flowers and balloons, and to offer her home to exotic destinations that previously promised but never delivered.

If you think you can win her back, you still have a serious think about coming. Maybe even a hammer. Unless your ex-girlfriend is a gold digger type whose propensity to buy, who have no business trying to win back, if that's the case, you will be wasting the contents of your wallet with your money clip Skin.

That said, you can fight and win her back with little strain on your leather money clip. Here's how.

Put the space and time between the two of you

You may think that this is the antithesis of reconciliation, because you want to be a couple again, and not proceed with the achy-breaky separation. However, when you push an agenda of reconciliation too soon and too often, to add salt to injury.

When you put the time and space between them, you are enabling each other to think about relationships, to accept each other faults in the removal order yourself a better person, and lick the wounds of separation. You should come to talks of reconciliation with the calm heart and a clear mind to be kinks to work relationships and start anew.

the only time you might unclip your leather money clip has to be presentable when going for a haircut, to his ex-girlfriend will love. Or perhaps buy yourself new clothes. You just can not let your self go through the dog even when you feel like a fool for letting her go.

Start Easily

When you decide to work towards reconciliation, you have to take it slowly but surely. You do not need to splurge on Caribbean vacations, buy expensive jewelry to commemorate the occasion, and date like crazy.

Instead, you can go easy on dates that allow you to rediscover the magic of each others company, without requiring the thinning of the skin money clip, the hassles of travel, and the guilt of buying passions. Why not just walk on the beach at full moon? Or a simple picnic in the park? Or even just a hug in front of the fireplace?

Indeed, a woman who loves her man only needs his love, his dedication and his presence. Your gifts of jewelry, flowers and cards, wining and dining, and exotic holiday dates are just the icing on the cake, but only after they are fully reconciled.

When you come to think of it, your path to reconciliation will be just your emotional investment, not financial investments. That said, it's better to have to keep your wallet and your leather money clip out of sight that you yourself know by heart, out of mind when you start buying her passion as it is no better than a trophy girlfriend.

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A Wahl Super Taper Is An Awesome Hair Grooming Tool

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The Power of Changing Your Hairstyle

How can I change the entire look of your hair? hair might change the physical appearance of the person is still puzzling. If you notice, the person who makes a drastic change in hairstyle is very noticeable. It will look like she has changed her personality as well.

Animals have no such effect. Apart from certain types of dogs, you can not really notice a difference if they cut the hair of other animals. Although you will see some changes, it will not give the same effect as you would for a human being.

That is why it is important to choose a style. One must think about before making a decision. If you choose a style, think about how long you keep it. If you will only take a day or two, you can take the risk. It does not really matter whether you make a mistake, because you can easily change.

These styles include those to do with thermal devices. If you have curly hair and want to try to have straight hair, just use ceramic hair straighteners. It will take some time, but you can go back to your natural hair in no time. You can also curl your hair if you have straight hair using curling irons.

However, if you want more permanent change, you need to think about it very carefully. You can achieve change in many ways. Changing hair color is one. Changing from a brighter to a darker shade will make it very noticeable. You can even add highlights. People will definitely notice it especially if you are accustomed to wearing the same hair color for a long time.

You can also achieve a more permanent change in seeking a new haircut. Guys with long hair look very different when you cut it short. This gives a clearer effect on them. same with women, they can have an instant makeover for cutting hair. Changing the hairstyle does not mean cutting it short. It also means changing the style section. There are many types of cutting, they can choose a certain type, without significant seizure inches off your hair.

The role of hair does not stop people from changing the look. Easy to use ceramic hair irons is the way to move on and start over for some. It is common among women. Most women change their hair every time you deal with emotional challenges. For them, this is beginning to look at things in a different perspective. Most thought that it was necessary to restore their self-esteem.

Change of hairstyle can change in so many ways. It can change your look temporarily or permanently. However, changing a hairstyle is more important meaning for others. For them, they change their hair because they want to look at life in a more positive way. For others, it is a symbol of new life and new goals. So, never underestimate the power of changing her hairstyle.

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Long Hair Hairstyles

In the event that your years as a child ended up being a dream let your hair grow so long as capital is associated with the princesses in fairy tales, nothing should stop you. But long hair is really long-term costs, it requires love, suitable for the care and patience. Many modern women do not have enough period to take care of long hair, so they decided simply to preserve or restore a haircut.

However, if you have gone through difficulties grow long hair, you should not give it up, if you notice a cute, trendy hairstyle. You must know that long hair is the most material with respect to the hair when they want to create something incredible. There are many ways to change your look whenever you appreciate beautiful tresses. The first guideline is to make sure you keep it healthy no split ends.

Many beauticians, hairdressers, such as Birmingham, will offer ideas on how to put on your hair for a particular occasion or even in everyday life. One idea that every stylish and useful, can be a pony tail. It is easy to do your hair that you can perform at home. It reveals a luxurious features that come with your face and pulls back his hair and then let the blood circulation to the lower back in an organized manner.

You can also try to-dos. They were able to range from highly sophisticated kind, perfect for business events, like weddings, that would obviously irresponsible types who will offer you a romantic and charming appear. However, when you have an impressive long hair, you'll need to let the world admire it. You can let the flow of crazy on their shoulders, styling it with a little mousse or even essential oils for the savage waves. Or even if it does not seem too comfortable, just pull the hair from the entrance with an elegant brooch.

Any objective look at the man and woman, long hair is seen as intriguing. You can not ever succeed with long hair, because it is the main style so much, or even more, compared to a dark color on the runways. A woman with cascading hair will always be viewed as a sensual, romantic and sexy.
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Why It's Dangerous Acid Rain?

Issues regarding acid rain will happen in Indonesia after the explosion of NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS in Japan started a lot of Fukushima spread via SMS, BBM, mailing list and start making fret community. What is the danger of acid rain?
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Deadly ejaculation

Cases of sudden death when enjoying sexual orgasm a lot going on. Some men are known to be directly killed after ejaculation. What is the cause?
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Trigger heart attacks found Everyday

Trigger heart attacks can be found in everyday life, ranging from coffee to air pollution. The magnitude of the increase in the risk varies depending on are your triggers and here's the comparison.
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Browse to the kilometre zero Monument

Sabang-Merauke monument in Sabang, Aceh, record the geographical position. Picture taken August 2009.

SABANG, KOMPAS.com- Sabang city located on the island of Weh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, have many potential destinations. In addition to tours of the sea, Sabang on the western end of Indonesia that have other mainstay tourism objects, namely Tugu kilometre zero.

Prior to the point that most Western tip of Indonesia, we can explore the various attractions in the town of Sabang. For transport do not worry. Public transport as well as mini bus charter services available at the port of Sabang, Balohan. Mini bus tariff of Rp 350,000 per day and minibus Rp 50,000 per person.

What are the attractions in Sabang? We could see a row of Cannon as well as the old fortress ruins of Japan which was built around the coast. As known, Sabang is known as the city of a thousand castles. According to information from citizens, many of the tunnel towards the forts. However, the citizens have never browse the entire tunnel.

In addition to the Castle, we can also see old buildings like the first RS AL Lilipory used to care for the person with asylum, the old schools. There is also a Stadio Sabang Merauke, Sabang Plaza will be the center of trade, and other objects.

After skirting the town of Sabang, we can break and eat the food typical of Sabang, one banana burn, on the edge of the beach. Several restaurants as well as cottages were built on the edge of the beach.

Once satisfied to enjoy the blue of the sea, proceed to the kilometre zero Monument. If without around Sabang, travel towards monument takes about 40 minutes which is 32 kilometres from the port.

A dozen kilometers before the monument, we must pass through the winding roads, slopes and derivative. There is no building on the right or left side of the road. We only see a row of trees. The vehicle had to be extra careful because of the wide path can only accommodate two vehicles.

When you arrive, we greeted the herd of wild apes. Be careful with Your luggage because APE-ape it can pick it up and then bring the blur. One manager suggested that closing the glass of the vehicle so that the monkey could not enter.

That the faithful flock apes throw nuts or banana waiting from visitors. Not only apes, a large boar's tail has been tame joined the scramble nuts around the monument. So, bring the supplies of beans or banana.

After the beans or banana out, visitors can climb to the top of the monument was inaugurated by the Vice President, at the time, Try Sutrisno, on September 9, 1997. Dilantai basic monument, there is a 50 centimeter diameter mound of cement as bookmark zero. from the above tugu, visitors can enjoy the expanse of the sea again.

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Wow, The Glitter Of Macau ...

KOMPAS.com — Senang, akhirnya saya sampai juga ke Makau. Sebuah kota kecil bekas jajahan Portugis yang sejak tahun 1999 menjadi bagian dari wilayah Republik Rakyat Tiongkok (China). Kota yang berada di pesisir selatan China ini sungguh memukau. Gemerlap meski rembulan telah kantuk menanti ayam berkokok.

Lihat deh di foto-foto yang saya abadikan, hampir tiap bangunan memiliki pendaran cahaya yang tak hanya sebiji dua biji, bahkan banyak di antaranya memasang lampu di seluruh badan bangunan, terutama hotel-hotel bintang yang pada umumnya memiliki tempat kasino alias judi.

Saya dan Sophia ke Makau hanya transit, cuma semalam dan keesokan harinya saya mesti sampai di Hongkong, lokasi bertemunya kami nanti dengan kawan-kawan lainnya (Anvin dan Tina) yang ingin bergabung berwisata secara seruuuu! Alias, pergi aja begitu tanpa bantuan tour guide. Kami sendiri hanya bermodal:

1. Tiket pesawat murah

Penerbangan yang menyediakan tiket murah ke Makau sendiri adalah Viva Macau (dari Jakarta), Tiger Airways (dari Singapura) dan AirAsia (dari Kuala Lumpur). Saya dan Sophia menggunakan Tiger Airways yang berangkat dari Singapura pukul 16.30. Lama penerbangan ke Makau sekitar tiga jam. Tanpa perubahan waktu (sama dengan Singapura atau beda satu jam dengan Jakarta).

Satu tips bagi Anda yang ingin menggunakan jasa penerbangan Tiger Airways tanpa bagasi, sebaiknya pilih salah satu, antara menggunakan koper atau ransel. Jangan menggunakan dua-duanya. Karena ternyata berbeda dengan penerbangan lainnya, barang bawaan yang akan dibawa ke pesawat benar-benar ditimbang dan hanya boleh membawa satu tas besar. Menurut pihak maskapai penerbangan, tas backpack Sophia yang imut-imut itu adalah kategori ransel besar sehingga tidak boleh membawa koper lagi dan harus masuk ke bagasi yang harganya dihitung 18 dollar singapura.

2. Hotel murah nyaman

Karena benar-benar buta Makau (kami berdua sama-sama belum sempat riset karena sebelum berangkat sama-sama sibuk dengan urusan kantor masing-masing), akhirnya sampai di Bandara Makau kami memutuskan menggunakan taksi untuk sampai di tempat penginapan murah meriah yang kami pesan secara online. Dari bandara ke hotel tersebut, kami membayar 75 MOP (1 MOP = Rp 1.300).

Sebetulnya kita bisa menuju ke hotel dengan gratis, yaitu menggunakan shuttle bus Grand Lisboa, tapi bus ini terakhir beroperasi pada pukul 18.00, sedangkan kami datang sekitar pukul 20.05. So, pilihan kami menggunakan taksi tidak salah, toh supir taksi di sini (pengalaman saya) sangat jujur. Meski kami tidak tahu jalan, tapi dia tidak menyesatkan kami. Buktinya? Argo.

Dari depan, New Nan Pan Hotel di Avenida de D. Joao IV no 8-20 Andar, Makau memang tampak tidak meyakinkan. Pintunya sangat kecil untuk disebut hotel, pun untuk menuju ke hotel kami mesti melalui 3 lantai tangga yang tak lebar. Tapi, begitu kami sampai di tempat reservasi, waaah tempat penginapan ini so sweet!!! Kamarnya pun sangat nyaman.

Meski mungil tetapi semua tertata sangat rapi, unik, dan kekeluargaan. Sesama tamu saling menyapa bak teman kos yang sudah lama kenal. Setelah saya pikir-pikir, sang penjaga hotellah yang membuat suasana menjadi sedemikian hangat. Om yang saya lupa tanya namanya ini selalu tersenyum dan bertanya apakah kami butuh bantuan. Bahkan oleh penjaga yang wanita pun, bahasa mandarin saya yang tak lebih dari kata “sie sie” (terima kasih) pun dipuji, katanya pada kakak saya yang fasih, “Adikmu bagus bahasa mandarinnya” … oh my God … hihihiiiii … terharu hiks….

Tarif hotelnya untuk kami berdua sekitar Rp 400.000, murah untuk kenyamanan yang kami dapat dan terutama untuk ukuran tempat tinggal yang nyaman di Makau. So, tempat penginapan ini bagi kami cukup rekomendasi bagi Anda yang ingin melancong dengan budget terbatas. Perlengkapan mandi mulai dari handuk, sabun, shampo dan sikat gigi semua lengkap. Jika haus pun jangan khawatir untuk mengambil makanan yang disediakan di dalam karena tidak seperti Indonesia yang makanan di hotel senantiasa mahal, di sini harganya hampir sama dengan di luar. Misal air mineral besar, di luar 5 MOP, di sini juga 5 MOP.

3. Koper kecil

O ya, buat yang bepergian secara seru alias tanpa tour, sebaiknya membawa tas kecil saja yang mudah dibawa. Kalau saya yang punggungnya nggak suka manggul, lebih suka membawa tas beroda sehingga cuma tinggal diseret aja. Toh jalanan di Makau semuanya diaspal dan halus, tak akan membuat anda ribet gotong, tinggal seret … ringan, kan? Istilah kasarnya, nggak usah sok kayak backpacker sejati dengan tas gendong yang gede banget... karena koper beroda akan lebih melegakan napas Anda.

4. Peta

Peta juga merupakan senjata yang tak boleh dilupakan oleh pelancong yang sama sekali belum pernah menginjakkan kaki ke suatu tempat yang didatangi. Bagi kami sendiri, peta kecil yang terselip di tas Sophia merupakan satu-satunya alat yang menghubungkan kami dengan penduduk Makau dalam menunjukkan arah yang ingin kami tuju. Buktinya? kami tak pernah tersesat selama di Makau.

5. Uang sesuai mata uang negara

Sebaiknya menukar uang di negara asal, misalnya saya dari Jakarta, ya tukar uangnya di Jakarta aja. Nggak usah bawa rupiah lalu baru ditukar di negara yang kita tuju karena jatuhnya jadi mahal banget kalau rupiah ditukar ke mata uang lain di negara yang bersangkutan. Rugi banyak, selisihnya bisa mencapai  Rp 300-Rp 600 per satu dollarnya. Lha, kalau nuker-nya banyak, ya, dikali aja … kerasa banget ruginya.

6. Bahasa

Bahasa yang digunakan di Makau adalah bahasa Kwang Tung dan Portugis. Jadi, jangan heran kalau Anda bisa bahasa mandarin pun, tulisan mandarin dibacanya dengan menggunakan dialek kental khas Kwang Tung. Selain itu, panduan panduan wisata dan alamat biasanya ditulis dalam bahasa Portugis. So, tipsnya bagi yang nggak bisa bahasa bahasa di atas, ya, sudah kalau mau makan mending ke tempat makan yang ada gambarnya aja he-he-he..., daripada nanti cuma senyum senyuman sama pelayan resto karena sama-sama nggak tau mau pesan apa.

Macau = Studio Alam Gratis

Pada akhirnya, dari serentetan perjalanan saya, ternyata liburan di Makau adalah yang termurah untuk kategori wisatanya. Gimana nggak? Hampir semua sudut di Makau tampak bak studio foto alam yang sangat menawan dipotret dari sisi mana pun dan semua bisa dimasuki secara gratis (kecuali museum).

Tempat-tempat keren tersebut adalah gereja-gereja Katolik-Roma kuno (salah satunya adalah St Paul Church Ruin yang sering tampil di promo-promo Makau), bangunan bersejarah berisikan meriam-meriam, jalanan-jalanan sempit yang terasa indah difoto dan kawasan senando square, gemerlap lampu di malam hari juga gedung pencakar langit yang ternyata adalah hotel mewah yang diperlengkapi dengan senjata kasino.

Jangan takut masuk kasino

Makau merupakan tempat judi dunia terutama di kawasan Asia. Bahkan, Makau telah mendapat julukan Las Vegas-nya Asia. Nah, kami yang di hotel cuma naruh barang dan langsung kabur melihat ada apa Makau di malam hari langsung terpesona dan terpana.

Pertama, udara dingin bercampur dengan angin yang cukup kencang (malam di Makau, berarti harus menggunakan baju hangat). Kedua, kota ini dipenuhi oleh terang benderang lampu warna-warni dari hampir semua bangunan yang ada, bahkan di sudut gang-gang kecil pun masih tampak kemeriahan lampu dan orang orang ramai. Kondisi ini, saya rasa, pasti disukai oleh para fotografer.

Ketiga, kasino, karena ternyata semua tempat yang berdiri megah adalah tempat judi yang bebas siapa pun boleh masuk. Saat itu, saya sempat ragu, “Olce (panggilan saya untuk Sophia) baju kita jelek gini mana bisa masuk???”. Saat itu saya mengenakan sweater dengan tampang kucel seharian belum mandi. Tapi, akhirnya Sophia mendorong saya untuk tidak pakai malu, toh apa susahnya? Diusir ya pergi he-he-hee….

Ternyata?? Kami boleh masuk dan memang begitulah adanya di Makau, semua orang boleh masuk tanpa mesti berbaju bagus di area kasino, tentu hal ini kecuali masuk ke kasino venetian ya … kalau ke sana minimal harus pakai baju rapi dan sepatu.

Nah, ini tips juga buat semuanya … kalau di Makau tiba-tiba haus dan pengen ngirit, masuk aja ke arena kasino di mana pun karena di sini disediakan minuman gratis. Main gak main kasino, boleh ambil teh, kopi, dan kopi susu atau teh susu dengan cuma-cuma. Lumayan …. Akhirnya setelah menghangatkan diri dengan teh susu, kami kembali ke hotel dan siap-siap untuk pelancongan besok.

Tips murah ke Venetian Makau

Nah buat yang sudah rencana liburan ke Makau, jangan pernah lewatkan Venetian Hotel & Resort yach. Venetian Hotel merupakan salah satu kompleks hotel terbesar di dunia lengkap dengan mal terbesar di Makau, kasino terluas di dunia, sekaligus tempat merasakan sedang berada di Venice Italia… karena di sini terdapat replika sungai Venice lengkap dengan perahu dan pengayuh kapal yang piawai bernyanyi lagu daerah (untuk merasakan fasilitas perahu lengkap dengan penyanyinya yang mengitari hotel selama 20 menit ini butuh biaya 100 MOP).

Nah, ada cara murah gratis bahkan untuk menuju ke tempat menakjubkan ini, yaitu menggunakan shuttle bus hotel milik Venetian yang selalu hilir mudik dari pelabuhan ke hotel. Jangan khawatir, meski kita bukan tamu hotel, boleh kok numpang dengan gratisnya he-he-he…

Begitu masuk ke hotel, mungkin Anda akan terpana oleh kemegahan hotel sekaligus pusat perjudian di Makau ini. Tiap sudutnya memiliki ukiran dan lukisan dengan detail yang luar biasa menyerupai sempurna. O ya, saking luasnya, hati-hati nyasar yach.… (Catur Guna Yuyun Angkadjaja)

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The Unfortunate-Denpasar Promising Flight

MALANG, KOMPAS.com -Wings Air starting today operates the new Poor-Denpasar route pp per day with flight number, departure from IW 1841 Airport Abdul Rahman Saleh Malang at 14: 25 WIB. Next to the number of flights departing from Airports IW 1840 Ngurah Rai Denpasar at 14: 00. So press releases Wings Air to Kompas.com, Mon (7/3/2011).

In February 2011, Wings Air has been carrying out definite Booking signing purchase 15 unit aircraft ATR 72 series 500 between Wings of water with a turboprop aircraft manufacturer ATR of France (Avions De Transport Regional). Thus the number of aircraft ordered for sure and will be operated by Wings of water to 30 aircraft.

Wings Air began operating the ATR 72-500 series with a 72-seat configuration in Indonesia in January 2010 and February 2011 has been received and operates 10 aircraft diharapakan 5 aircraft again accepted gradually until August 2011.

With the addition of a new fleet, Wings Air wishes to improve services in particular comfort and security of the flight, in addition to developing markets as well as increase revenue in the airline to be able to evolve in line with the development of Lion Air.

CEO of Wings Air Achmad Hasan said the new Poor-Denpasar route will make it easier for Poor people or tourists travel to be able to travel to all regions of Indonesia, including to Malaysia, Singapore and Jeddah. "Of course by utilizing advanced Lion Air flight either from Denpasar and other towns and so on," he said.

The opposite also facilitates societies Indonesia and tourists from neighbouring countries to come to the unfortunate because the network flight Wings Air with Lion Air has been reaching out to all regions of the archipelago.

Flight route Malang-Denpasar pp with ticket prices ranging from Rp 300,000 to Rp 700,000 has good prospects, given the Denpasar is the destination of many a Poor choice of citizens, so that the hapless citizens no longer need to fly through the airport building was to be able to get to Denpasar. With the increasing mobility of the community, are expected to spur the growth sectors of the economy, social and tourism city of Malang.

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Tina Andrean: The Challenge Of Wedding Dresses

Tina Andrean admitted, no easy designing wedding dress. There are many challenges he faced while creating creations from sebentang white cloth.
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Iced Coffee Is Kie, Coffee Tempo Dulu

YUDI/DOYANMAKAN.COM Coffee No Kie in Glodok.

KOMPAS.com -Coffee No Kie this is what makes my forehead because the wonder and awe the regular. To be honest, the new time I set foot into the street door of Big South, Glodok. And I never thought that in a small alley, as there is so much food and so impressed tempo doeloe aka jadul (day first). Moreover, when we got An ice coffee shop, Kie ... wuih. jadul abis. A place that is quite old but very crowded, but there simply is no coffee; seems some round table meeting room coffee ice No Kie.

There is a group of families who were enjoying coffee milk and enjoy the food they pesa from the outside, and there is also a group of fathers of Chinese descent are being bercengkerama while enjoying their iced coffee. There is also a child who was enjoying a chicken porridge. And in one of the walls were plastered a frame that tells a filming in doing in An iced coffee, entitled Kie goddesses. Salut euy ....

Well I became increasingly intrigued with the taste of coffee, flavored coffee is not as great as do so many people Kie recommend this place to my liput. According to them An ice coffee is unique and legendary Kie. Even to be a place of shooting of the film.

Hmm ... in my mind is like Starbucks Jadul he-he ... Yes because it turns out that many people who sit there just to hang out with friends while enjoying the coffee Is very typical that Kie. My friend and I message iced coffee and Coffee milk has become a mainstay. His servants immediately meracik coffee in a glass of very clear, very simple workmanship, only in the mix with hot water and sugar, diaduk-aduk and given a chunk of ice cubes.

Yup, this is indeed a very simple coffee .... it feels very honest, the taste of coffee. Not like coffee-coffee fancy today mixed with vanilla syrup, mocha, and so on.  I love with iced coffee, fresh, sweet, and taste the coffee really typical. Very fragrant. I like it. Now we tried his Milk Coffee. It seems more legit than iced coffee, the more sweet because there is a mixture of milk. Friends I really liked the coffee Milk, but if I prefer his iced coffee.

O Yes I also order a Porridge Chicken ala No, because my stomach Kie still growls. Could be just the heck we message outside Tak Kie, but the seller of food outside the most non-kosher. So I decide to chicken porridge message in No Kie this alone. Of course buburnya as Chinese-style porridge complete with cakwe and spring onion.  It was quite tasty also koq buburnya and the price is also pretty cheap.

And there's one more thing that makes me glad to find this Coffee, i.e. No Kie ... they sell coffee bubuknya. I direct message bubuknya for I drink coffee at home. But when Sena; my visit to the House and I suguhkan coffee, ... he surprised with a very strong coffee aroma and fragrance. He immediately asked the brand he-he ... He is very interested with the coffee this one, and finally the coffee powder that I gave to him to bring him back home to the country, Korea.

I am delighted with this Coffee 's, as a result Kie outside my imagination. I agree why if no Kie became one of the first culinary tour Jakarta's tempo should remain in lestarikan. Unfortunately there are only open from morning until 2 pm only, so not to oversleep Yes if You want to try it out. (Ita)

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Tips To Get The "Upgrade" Hotel

COMPASS IMAGES/NI LUH MADE EARTH F Hotel Marbella, Convention and Spa, in Anyer, Banten.

KOMPAS.com- Diana pay not playing when the check-in at a hotel in Yogyakarta. The hotel gave it room type is larger than the rooms he previous message. In other words, Diana get facilities upgraded rooms. There are certain tricks to get upgraded rooms. In some of the budget class hotels and three stars, be friendly and a lot of smiling can be a powerful weapon. Especially if You are considered to come from the big city and stay at the hotel. However, please keep in mind most of the hotels in the area have only one type of room.

You can just ask at the hotel are able to get the upgrade the hotel for free. Of course point out while laughing as if you were joking. This is always a chance of upgrading the room given a shock by the hotel. This is to give the impression of depth But the chance you will be great to get the upgrade room if you choose the right time for a vacation.

Not In High Season Do not select time stay at high or peak season. Select the time just after the peak season. For example, a week after the new year. During this period, hotels tend to experience a drastic drop from was once full of being empty. Some hotels give brave during upgrade because it's very unlikely there are guests who book rooms. Rather than empty rooms, guests who book rooms at a low price type also had the opportunity to get a room at a price that is more expensive.

New Hotel The Hotel's new open sometimes gives surprise promotion by giving the upgrades on their new guests. In addition to providing a deep impression, guests feel satisfied going to do a promotion by word of mouth about the new hotel.

Destinations When ordering hotel, say the purpose of your stay in the service of the hotel. If You stay as guests who are on a honeymoon, the hotel could consider to upgrade on your room. There is also a guest of the hotel is getting an upgrade because it coincides with the anniversary.

Customer Loyalty The opportunity to get wide open upgrade if you are a loyal customer of the hotel. This is particularly true at the hotel-a four-and five-star hotels. They usually register a regular guests who stay in the top ten times. Some star hotel even issued a policy of upgrading to guests who have stayed in the top twenty times.

Check-in at night Hotel check-out policy is at twelve noon. So, the hotel has the opportunity to sell the room from morning to afternoon. Guests who come at night in certain very rare. Because of that the hotel would release the rooms to upgrade on guests who check in at night. This applies if the guests stay only one night only.

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The secret of Beautiful The Daughters: Mangir, Tapel, and Cold Powder

Fairy tales always reveal the beauty of the Princess of the Kingdom have an incomparably beauty. What's their secret?
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Soup Cafe Dulang, Top Banget!

KOMPAS.com — We often pass Cafe Dulang each time it crosses the area Kuta. Friends I also never said if the soup there tasty all. Well, tonight I and friends deliberately want to dinner there because I want to prove the word kak Sherly, my friend.

The place is cozy, there are some seats are placed in terasnya and very close to the sidewalk. And with a light lights Dim makes the atmosphere is becoming warmer. Me and my friends were 6 people, and occupying a table that contains a pas 6 seats he-he-he ...

We immediately look around menu offered Cafe Dulang. The menu is very diverse, from the menu of a la Indonesia, Asia, to the West also. And we chose the nasi hainam, ox, and beef stroganoff.

While waiting for our orders, we chatted while joking. There is also a passionate BBM's with the girlfriend he-he-e. Finally comes also our orders. The first came in is the order of Eric, beef stroganoff .... cooked beef with Bell Peppers and sauces such as mayonaise. I taste a little, and it turned out delicious. Unique is also the bumbunya, the meat is soft and sapinya also appear to match only served with rice.

The next Menu that comes is rice hainam chicken and soup buntutnya. We try the rice hainamnya used to be, Yes. A sense of their chickens, duh, delicious lho. Bumbunya percolating up into it, and meat also tender banget. Yummy banget deh is their chickens. So did rice hainamnya ... it feels really good. Not to mention plus with kaldunya the warm, make my stomach so it feels warm. Steady deh this rice hainam their chickens.

Sop buntutnya also awful. No wonder this was one of the Favorites menu in Cafe Dulang. Taste delicious is second to none, kuahnya and buntutnya also tender. Cobain deh sop buntutnya awful because. There are also red beans in kuahnya, so the more love I just sop buntutnya.

Friends I also love the soup here. Kak Budi also to eat two kinds of toppings like me, soup and rice hainam chicken. Toplah food Cafe Dulang. Later I will surely drop by here again if visiting Bali again. (Ita)

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John Galliano was fired by Dior

Fashion House of Dior fire chief designernya, John Galliano, following the release of a video showing the racist comments of Galliano.
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8 Fashion Luxury Anne Hathaway

With James Franco, Anne served as host for the Academy Award to-83. That night, Anne wore 8 kinds of clothes!
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Bercengkrama with snow in Andorra

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KOMPAS.com - A warning though: it may not be the same a few years from now. Greed and uncontrolled development risk spoiling the side valleys. In the last five years, its resort have invested over 50 milion euros in mountain cafes and restaurants, chair lifts and gond olas, car parks and snowmaking machines.

(Sebuah peringatan: (Andorra) mungkin tak sama lagi dalam beberapa tahun mendatang. Sifat rakus dan pembangunan yang tak terkontrol akan merusak lembah-lembah di sana. Lima tahun terakhir, ada investasi 50 juta euro untuk penginapan, kafe, warung makan, gondola, dan lapangan parkir mobil).

Itulah kalimat-kalimat provokatif dalam Buku Lonely Planet: Spain tentang Andorra pada halaman 396. Seolah-olah kalimat pengantar buku itu ingin mengatakan, bila anda tidak mengunjungi Andorra sekarang, maka penyesalan akan datang di kemudian hari.

Di Indonesia, ini mungkin paralel dengan ajakan untuk sesegera mungkin menyaksikan pasar terapung di Lok Baintan, Kalimantan Selatan. Diprovokasi oleh Mantan Kabiro Kalimantan (Alm) Syaifullah, bahwa pasar terapung di sungai itu segera menghilang dilibas oleh angkutan sepeda motor. Maka, beberapa tahun lalu, saya langsung terbang ke Banjarmasin menuju Lok Baintan.

Begitulah. Entah karena keampuhan kalimat provokatif di Lonely Planet itu, atau karena hanya di Andorra, terdapat resort ski di batas Perancis- Spanyol itu; maka tiap tahun ada 10 juta turis mendatangi Andorra. Sekedar mengingatkan anda, jumlah itu melebih seluruh turis asing di Indonesia, sebanyak 7 juta orang per tahun.

Dan ternyata, 80 persen pendapatan domestik bruto Andorra - negara kecil yang dihimpit Perancis dan Spanyol ini - berasal dari sektor pariwisata. Ada sedikit porsi pendapatan lain, namun datang dari penanaman tembakau.

Bahasa resmi di Andorra adalah Catalan, meski para penduduknya lumayan cakap berbahasa Spanyol, dan Perancis. Bahasa Inggris hanya dikuasai kaum muda. Jadi, rada-rada menjengkelkan kalau menghadapi orang tua.

Lonely Planet pun memberikan beberapa terjemahan dari bahasa Catalan. Perill: Zona Voladures , artinya Hati-hati, ada rontokan batu (dari atas gunung) . Lantas, Calguda de Neu artinya, Hati-hati ada longsoran salju dari atas . Ada saran yang lebih jitu dari Lonely Planet dibanding anda membolak-balik kamus. Ketika orang setempat loncat, ya meloncatlah sesegera mungkin. Heh , begitu ya?  

Februari 2011, saya pun berkesempatan mendatangi Pas de la Casa kawasan wisata ski paling timur di wilayah Andorra . Perjalanan itu ditemani beberapa sahabat dari Indonesia AirAsia dan dipandu oleh pegawai Airbus. Kami menggunakan bus, yang khusus disewa Airbus dari Toulouse, markas produsen pesawat itu.

Dibutuhkan waktu tiga jam, berkendara dari Toulouse kota markas Airbus, menuju Pas de la Casa dengan menempuh jarak 186 kilometer, atau kira-kira setara Jakarta-Bandung. Namun bila anda terbang dari Jakarta, bandara terdekat kiranya Bandara Barcelona. Dari Barcelona diberangkatkan empat bus tiap hari dengan biaya 20 euro setara Rp 240.000 (3,5 jam perjalanan).

Kembali ke rute Toulouse-Pas de la Casa; sebenarnya, jalan yang membentang antara dua kota itu sangat mulus. Tetapi karena kami melintas di akhir pekan membuat kepadatan cukup menghambat perjalanan. Bedanya di sana, kita tak bisa menyewa polisi untuk mengawal seperti di jalur Ciawi-Puncak. Di Andorra, dan negara Eropa lainnya, punya uang tak berarti anda dapat membeli apa pun.

Sepertiga perjalanan menjelang perbatasan Spanyol-Perancis, kami ibarat merayap di lembah. Lantas mendaki punggung ngarai hingga menuju puncaknya. Di kiri-kanan jalan menjulang gunung-gunung batu dengan salju menyelimuti puncaknya. Pohon-pohon pinus, dan pohon empat musim lainnya, terkadang menyembul di sana-sini.

Pemandangan ini sangat menggairahkan. Terutama buat kami dari negara dua musim. Terutama pula orang Indonesia, yang untuk melihat salju harus mendaki Puncak Jayawijaya di Papua sana.  


Pas de la Casa, sebenarnya resort ski terbesar Andorra. Namun, jika anda tak bisa bermain ski, Pas de la Casa tetap menarik. Berbelanjalah! Lagi-lagi Lonely Planet memprovokasi, ...catering principally to French visitors and day trippers on a duty-free shopping orgy.

Tekanan pada kalimat itu adalah, duti-free shopping orgy. Astaga! Tapi, itulah realitasnya. Sepanjang jalan Carrer Major, Avinguda D Encamp, Carrer de les Abelles, Carrer Comtes de Foix, dan Carrer de Sant Jordi, misalnya, disesaki toko-toko. Umumnya, toko-toko baju, meski teman saya juga membeli helm Harley Davidson seharga Rp 2 juta. Murah banget ini dibanding di Indonesia, katanya.

Ada toserba semacam Alfamart di pojokan jalan Carrer Bernat III dan Carrer Comtes de Foix, yang menjual berbagai jenis minuman keras dan rokok. Sangat cocok, bagi anda yang tak terlalu kuat di udara dingin sebab rata-rata suhu di sana sekitar 4 derajat Celcius, dan dapat dengan mudah drop di bawah nol derajat Celcius.

Teman saya, Hendri membeli sebungkus rokok Camel bersampul kuning. "Enak betul nih," kata dia. Tapi kepada seorang penjaga toko, saya berikan sebatang Dji Sam Soe kretekyang selalu saya bawa ke luar negeri sebagai oleh-oleh. "Heaven, surga," katanya. Kesimpulan sementara, Dji Sam Soe lebih yahud.

Nah, yang juga musti diingat, ada aturan bea cukai di sana. Dimana maksimal, anda hanya boleh membeli lima liter wine, dan 300 rokok. Lebih dari itu, anda dianggap penyelundup bukan sekedar pemakai. Sebab harga barang karena tanpa pajak, menjadi sangat murah di Andorra. Dan membawanya keluar Andorra dalam volume besar dinilai dapat mengganggu stabilitas perdagangan di Eropa.

Di jalan-jalan di Pas De La Casa, ketika saya melintasinya dengan berjalan kaki pada Februari 2011 silam, salju belum benar-benar menguap . Masih ada tumpukan salju di depan-depan toko. Kita harus berhati-hati melangkah supaya tak terjatuh karena salju itu lumayan licin.

Harus juga berhati-hati menyebe rang, sebab anak-anak muda menyetir mobil dengan sembrono; jadi mata jangan diarahkan saja ke etalase-etalase, atau manekin yang cantik-cantik itu.

Produk yang agak mencolok mata adalah, pistol-pistolan atau softgun. Ini dijual di banyak toko, dan jadi mirip kota cowboy sebenarnya. Ada berbagai tipe mulai dari pistol, Uzi, hingga AK-47 dengan harga ratusan euro. Mungkinkah pistol itu untuk menyelamatkan diri dari beruang gunung, atau mungkin Yettisaat mendaki pegunungan Pirenea timur? Mungkin saja.

Namun, yang tak pernah saya habis pikir adalah, keberadaan toko-toko lingerie di sana. Beberapa lingerie teramat minim, berwarna merah berani, dan mengoda. Siapakah yang membelinya?

Tentu, Pas De La Casa jauh dari pantai. Maka, dengan suhu maksimal 20 derajat Celcius pada bulan J uni-September, tetaplah bunuh diri jalan-jalan dengan lingerie. Atau mungkin, dikenakan saat malam hari di dalam kamar hotel? Entahlah, mau tahu saja, nih.    


Jualan utama Pas De La Casa, pastinya ski. Lokasi utama ski ada di sisi kanan Jalan Avinguda DEncamp; yang dikenal dengan nama Grandvalira Ski Resort. Tersedia pula lift ski, untuk membawa anda naik hingga puncak gunung kemudian menuruni bukit, downhill, dengan ski-gear atau snowboard.

Normalnya, waktu terbaik untuk ski adalah dari bulan Desember hingga pertengahan April. Di Andorra, supaya anda sedikit ahli ski, bertebaran sekolah ski dengan tarif 35 euro per jam, dengan guru privat; atau dap at pula berkelompok (small group) denga tarif antara 71-101 euro per jam.

Boleh juga sekedar ingin mencicipi ski, maka dapat disewa peralatan ski seharga 53,90 euro (untuk alat ski dan sepatu ski), atau 66,50 euro (untuk snowboard dan sepatu ski). Durasi sewa hingga satu hari, jikalau anda kuat dengan udara dingin, tentunya.

Hati-hati saat bercengkrama dengan salju. Bekuan air itu tak selalu identik dengan kelembutan kapas, meski sama-sama putih. Pastinya, akan juga terasa sakit bila anda terjatuh di salju, entah karena terpeleset atau ditarik pemain ski amatir lain.

Aktivitas lain yang tak kalah asyiknya adalah, berjalan kaki melintasi pegunungan Pirenea. Bulan terbaik untuk itu, adalah pada bulan Juni hingga September saat temperatur mencapai 20 derajat Celcius di siang hari, dan hanya 10 derajat Celcius di malam hari.

Para pejalan kaki, dapat bermalam dengan gratis di 26 pondok di puncak-puncak gunung yang tersebar di seluruh Andorra. Saksikan pula, indahnya sekitar 50 danau di ketinggian Andorra, dibalik puncak dan lembah gunung. Hiruplah segarnya udara pegunungan di sana.

Dan berdoalah supaya dinginnya di Andorra tak membuat dirimu pilek, sehingga udara segar benar-benar dapat masuk ke rongga paru-parumu yang sudah dirusak oleh udara kotor kota-kota besar di Indonesia. Sungguh, ketika udara segar itu terhirup, pikiran ini benar-benar segar. Dan banyak ide-ide segar, tiba-tiba melintas di benak ini.

Itulah Andorra, silahkan terbang ke sana, sebelum pemanasan global mencairkan salju-salju, dan Pegunungan Pirenea berketinggian sekitar 2.000 meter menjadi sekedar onggokan bebatuan abu-abu.

Sebelum juga Andorra menjadi tak terkendali dan disesaki warung-warung jagung yang menghalangi pemandangan, tak ubahnya ketika anda sedang berada di Puncak Pass, Bogor sana. Sebelum banyak orang berteriak, villa.. villa ; yang tak sekedar menawari anda penginapan tapi juga olahraga jenis lain.   (Haryo Damardono dari Andorra)

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The Retro style of the Actress in Oscar

Many of the female celebrities is inspired from the style of their senior actress actress-decades before. Of course with a touch of new ones.
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Farah Quinn Promote Food Bengkulu

COMPASS IMAGES/KRISTIANTO PURNOMO Farah Quinn came on The 13th Panasonic Gobel Awards in Djakarta Theatre XXI, Jakarta, Saturday (26/3/2010) night. An appreciation for the work and the present national television employees 25 Awards consisting of 11 Awards category of the individual award categories, program events, and one special award.

BENGKULU, KOMPAS.com -chef beautiful Farah Quinn promotes the city of Bengkulu through a number of typical foods such as fish pais, the revenue and the cake tat. "Promotion of Bengkulu in particular tourism I do through cooking in one private TV, all back home, because my parents lived in Bengkulu and small time I spend in the city," said Farah told reporters at the residence of his parents in Bengkulu, Monday (7/3/2011).

Farah claimed to have long proposed the city of Bengkulu as location shooting of the program are not only popular with the mother. However, these new opportunities materialize now and he is ready to promote a number of tourist locations in the city of Bengkulu, which provided the filming locations of programs aired on private TELEVISION.

Some locations are chosen among others House Bung Karno when undergoing exile in Bengkulu, Fort Marlborough legacy of United Kingdom and the long Beach natural tourism objects. "I'm also filming home and share my great family favorite recipes and cooking at school I used to be, SD Carolus, so all the nostalgia," he said.

The second Assistant II this provincial government Bengkulu Fauzan Rahim says the city of Bengkulu has great potential as a tourist destination, it's just that the promotion and management needs to be improved.

Through the cooking program viewing, he said, in addition to a number of attractions, the typical food recipes will also be distributed in Bengkulu. "Not only through this program, I also always promote Bengkulu via personal social networking such as facebook and twitter," he said.

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If Whitish, Use Betel Just Once A Week

The Area of Miss V hidden often escaped attention and care. Finally the woman having a lot of distractions, such as the whitish.
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Ecopark Ancol Planting 100 trees are Rare

Author: Ary Wibowo | Editor: a. Wisnubrata Friday, March 4, 2011 | 15: 57 WIB

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com -PT. Development Ancol (PJA) today, Friday (4/3/2011), do the planting of rare trees in one of the region. Approximately 100 rare trees planted in the show entitled ' We do Green ' in Ecopark Ancol, Jakarta, Saturday (4/3/2011).

Several types of rare trees planted on an area of 33.6 hectare is, Ebony (Diospyros), Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni), and Trambesi (Samanea saman).

Planting, is one of the party's efforts to conserve rare plants Ancol in Indonesia, and as an attempt to support one billion trees campaigned President.

"This activity is part of the efforts of Ancol support one billion trees that campaigned in the last few years, as well as to preserve rare plants in Indonesia," said the Director of PT PJA, Bob Works as Romo.

Previously, Ecopark is a golf course that diahlifungsikan be Green open space land (RTH) and recreation since February 2010 by PT. Development Ancol (PJA).

The Ancol is attempting to make the land to preserve rare plants in Indonesia and also as a source of oxygen for the wider community are present in Ancol.

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Carla Bruni with Stockings Lace

Since marrying French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni should get used to wearing shoes flat. But, he knows how to steal the attention.
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Wait For The Progress Of The "Pattingalloang" Young ...

Wait For The Progress Of The "Pattingalloang" Young ...

SIX a student of mechanical engineering in the construction of Hasanuddin University wrestling robot. Their achievement was unthinkable actually could so Karaeng Pattingalloang, scholars and twin Kingdom of Gowa-Mangkubumi Tallo is down the Earth with his brain, four centuries ago.

Syamsuar, Ridwan, Ricky, Mohammed Rahman, Zulkifli, and Zulfatri has produced a number of robots, such as firefighters, painter, the robot walking, carrying trash, and wheelchairs. Like the never Karaeng Pattingalloang stop down each maze knowledge, six students this spur yourself to be creative with new ideas.

What do these young children at least invite us to forget for a moment of action demo students in Makassar that later led the city has a population of 1.5 million inhabitants were known as the city of tumultuous. In the 18th century, the Netherlands was once labeled the Sulawesi — including Makassar (then a territory of the airport Commerce of the Kingdom of Gowa) — as the island of Disorders or onrust eiland. However, thanks to the brilliance of the brains of the Prime Minister of the Sultanate of Gowa I Mangngadacinna I Ba'le ' Daeng Sultan Mahmud Karaeng Pattingalloang, label it's indelible.

Pattingalloang later bermenantukan Sultan Hasanuddin (Kings of Gowa) already think global, by partnering with merchants from Malacca, Java, Champa, Johor, Minang, Patani, India, China, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

Nirwan Arsuka in his article in Kompas (1/1/2000) describes, the 17th century is the most crowded airport, Makassar and kosmopolit in Eastern hemisphere archipelago. Historian Suryadi Mappangara menimpalinya by calling Pattingalloang as the astronomer who mastered five languages, including the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Spain.

Efforts to reverse the "stigma" to "image" is now rampant do children Makassar, including by making use of information technology. The presence of a digital newspaper is www.panyingkul.com, five years ago, into the container of the citizens for presenting and critiquing transformation of the culture of the city and the surrounding area, as well as digging value local wisdom.

It responded well by the writer who faithfully transmit on various sites and issues in South Sulawesi, from Dago, sedimentation in the River Jeneberang, lack of visits at the Museum of the city of Makassar, to silk weavers activity Sengkang, Wajo.

What dilakukaan generation now seems to answer the getirnya sights on heritage sites, including in the area of Gowa Fortress Somba Opu later reap the controversy following the construction of a recreational vehicle.

Legacy site

Traces of the triumph of the Kingdom of Gowa and other forts along the 14 first built to fortify the strength of the maritime Kingdom of Gowa. Now physically Somba Opu and only the Castle Fortress End Point or Fort Rotterdam remain. The rest of the team by neighborhood residents, factory, and shops.

They are trying to frantically past can visit the last resting place of the Kings Tomb Complex at Sultan Hasanuddin in Somba Opu, Gowa, and complex Tomb Kings Tallo in the Capital, the city of Makassar Tallo.

Petilasan is certainly no longer able to tell the courage of the King expelled the invaders. Only the guards and guides who wish can earn money tip of the visitors.

The physical building is indeed always threatened the destruction of civilization. Therefore, a legacy that should be kept not only historic, but also the spirit and values. The Kingdom of Gowa who allied with the Kingdom of Tallo in all pergulatannya is the forerunner of the generation now dwell along the southern peninsula of Sulawesi island.


The House is situated in the territory of the fortress of Somba Opu 150 hectares. Then, in addition to not groomed also reaps controversy over plans to build a recreational vehicle in the East.

The idea of developing the Fort was actually already appeared since the era of the Governor of Sulawesi Ahmad Amiruddin Pabittei in 1995. The Governor of the former Rector of the University of Hasanuddin was concerned to see the ruins of the fortress defense Gowa no longer crowded.

Then, the construction of custom homes, such as in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, expected to attract tourists to the fortress of Somba Opu. However, as time goes by, the care of the House overlooked. When the Custom House of the first, the fact that the fortress was lazy.

Now could be "sold" from a Somba Opu does is just a stones padas stage. Kokohnya wall in the four corners and the Tower (bastion) Scouts destroyed after Kompeni Netherlands established his control over Contract through Agreement Bungaya 1667. Gowa has proven the phrase "Jalesveva Jayamahe (" on the Sea we are Glorious)!

After the triumph of the Kingdom of Gowa swept away the time, it should indeed knew the time young Gowa-Makassar had a history of their own. Certainly in the context of the civilized and dignified. Not by the action of the demo lead anarkistis tarnish the name of the great scholars of Gowa, Karaeng Pattingalloang.

In the context of maritime transport policy, the role of Gowa four centuries actually deserves to be the inspiration for the Central Government. First, without the role of the State, the port of Makassar rival Singapore Port prestige. Now, in the hands of the State, the Prestige was even dimmer.

Whereas, the potential to rival Singapore was open given the location of Makassar strategic: in the shaft of the Asia-Pacific region and the main line cruise the archipelago.

Inspiration from the Contract it should be demonstrated to the Government to optimize maritime transport in the country which has 17,000 islands. (Ashwini Rizal Harahap, Maria S Sinurat, and Nasrullah Nara)

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Not Just Saung

COMPASS/TAMARA P SUDARSONO Gurame seasoning cobek at home Eating Saung Kuring 1, Parung, Bogor.

LINE Sawangan to the Parung not only there is a tempting saung. The weekend can be filled with visiting ground fishing line, sales of fresh fish, freshwater, hydroponic gardens Park tours, and hot springs.

You can buy fresh fish with prices relatively cheap in the pond fishing line Wait Jaya. Pond fishing line is located in a residential area of Sawangan Permai at Jalan Raya Sawangan are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

"Sawangan indeed fishing spots. People who like fresh fish can be bought it in many places, "said Suwandi (42), the Subdistrict Pancoran Mas, Depok. Pond fishing line along the path of Sawangan-Parung there by the roadside or in the Township. Just choose which ones are preferred foods.

Still in Sawangan, entering the Village via the road Crooked Prior, about 2 kilometers from the highway Sawangan, there is a Tourist Hut Zidane. Here, You and the family can enjoy the tours, lodging, and outbound with a co-worker with a tariff of Rp 40,000 to Rp 85,000 for 20 people.

Move towards Parung, Parung, there are Highways Parung Farm open to the public. In this place, visitors can shop vegetable or flower Orchid grown in hydroponics. Not that alone, visitors can also learn the techniques of hydroponics gardening vegetable and create means for gardening hydroponics.

"If you just look around, there are no costs. Employees will drive visitors browsed while explained. Here the water spinach and spinach grown generally because air Parung hot enough. If you join the training, the new charge, "said Sudibyo Karsono, one of the sysops Parung Farm.

Training can be followed at a cost of Rp 750,000 per adult, whereas for students of Rp 10,000 per person. Training takes place every day, exclusively for adults only Saturday from 09.00 till at 15: 00.

If you want to remove the tired could go deeper into the Parung by visiting the baths of hot water in the village of Cogrek Tirta Sanita, Parung. Its location approximately one hour from Market Parung towards Ciseeng. Enough to pay Rp 8,000 to adults and Rp 6,000 to the children during the holidays, the sulfur-containing hot water can be enjoyed.

Brrrrr ... hangatnya bathing here. (RTS/DIANBOBO)

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Jennifer Kurniawan: Nyalon in Indonesia Cheaper

Body and hair care beauty in Indonesia more affordable and good quality, so the recognition of the beloved Irfan Bachdim, Jennifer Kurniawan.
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Coast Of Plengkung, "Heaven" Surfers

COMPASS/IWAN ARDI foreign tourists enjoying the game of surfing in the waves roll Beach conservation area that enter Plengkung Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi, East Java.

By: Siwi Yunita Cahyaningrum

The couple surfers Jeremy (35)-Mine (33) already include the schedule of his visit to the coast of Plengkung, Banyuwangi, East Java. During the week, in March, husband and wife from Queensland, Australia, that target sensation Plengkung after exploring the Ijen Baluran National Park and Sitobondo, East Java.

If the foreign tourists are interested in, how about you? Do not profess true if surfers have never tried surfing at the beach that guts overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Not just the elegant beach Plengkung eye. The beach is also commonly known as "G-land" also became a favorite surfers in the world. Waves as high as 4-5 meters coming bersusulan create attractions surfing (surfing) is becoming more challenging. The siege Woods also made this place called "paradise of silence".

Deserves got Jeremy-Mine was jemu-jemunya to menyambangi this place. The origin of the idea, both tourists this actually have ever been menggunjungi G-land four years ago. During this apparently they nurture curiosity. Mid March indeed became one of the most appropriate time to vent their desire to return "joking" with a roll of waves Plengkung.

The waves of the South Coast will be rising began in March and October. Usually reach a peak at the full moon that falls in the middle of the month.

"We want to feel again the waves roll sensation bersusulan in G-land. The waves you get can be very high and it extends almost half kilometers, "said Mine's on Saturday (7/2) climb Mount Ijen with Jeremy, her husband.

Jeremy also loved the thrill of exploring the forests and observe wildlife behavior. Four years ago he didn't get to watch herds of banteng (Bos javanicus javanicus) which is in the coastal area of Sadengan, Alas Purwo. This time, he intends to repeat it again its activities, and hope the desire terpendamnya fulfilled.

Special interest

Long beach is located in the area of Plengkung Alas Purwo National Park (TNAP) became a special interest in the tourist destination. This beach is when viewed from the satellite imagery forming the curved shape of the letter G in reverse. A position that is what makes waves as high as 4 to 5 metres can be formed. The surfers can feel the sensation of the urge surf long and susul-following. Basic Beach G-land, according to Suharto, head of the resort Rawabendo, TNAP, shaped ramps. The trough is only found on the West side, which was once the location of the landing ship. This position makes G-land surf comfortable place. However, behind keelokannya necessarily need its own prudence. The reason, the reefs are within the sea could hurt the surfers in the water.

Every year not less than 400-600 foreign tourists who come to surf on this white sandy beach. In this place they could stay for a week, even months at the resort-the resort in the forest.

Through the forest

The beach can be reached via the road Plengkung overland from the city of Banyuwangi, road or sea from the island of Bali. Road trip takes 2-3 hours from the city of Banyuwangi to get the first gate in the Subdistrict TNAP Tegaldlimo.

All the way from the first gate to the post Rawabendo on the road, on right-TNAP just looks rerimbunan teak forest. However, arriving in the next post, i.e. Pancur, tropical rain forest vegetation began to give color to a trip to the beach Plengkung. Here lined endemic Alas Purwo. Sebutlah, for example, grainy (Manilkara kauki) and bamboo manggong (Gigantochloa manggong).

Along the journey can also be found in plants like nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum), keben (Barringtonia asiatica), ketapang (Terminalia cattapa), billowing (Sterculia foetida), and various kinds of bamboo.

To cross the forest, visitors should wear car double bergardan (double gardan) or four-wheel drive (4wd) property of the TNAP. The car was ready to transport tourists pass through the path that has not yet been paved, muddy and rocky from the post Pancur Plengkung Beach leading to the entrance. It costs reached Rp 130,000 per car, pergi-pulang.

The atmosphere of the forest are decorated with birds and diversity of the plant more feels if You sit in a tub of car Rangers. In that place, the point of view You could be more extensive. If lucky you'll find wild pigs which forage on the edge of the road, or monitor lizard of the komodo dragon who was sunbathing on the nearby river. However, you must hold the shocks due to the way an average 15 kilometres.

Arriving at the gates of the beach, a trip was spliced Plengkung on foot as far as more or less 200 metres to the beach. At the point of dismissal that the visitor is greeted with a wooden plank resort locations, such as bookmark Bobby's camp or Joyo's camp.

If travelling on land takes 4-5 hours, travel by sea could take less time. From Kuta in Bali only takes two hours. The rates offered to reach 125 dollar United States (u.s.) per person.

In the Coastal area, tourists usually stay Plengkung during the week. They can stay at the resort-cost dollar or guesthouse of the TNAP is little short of Plengkung, but cost rupiah.

The resort-the resort at Plengkung all take advantage of the silence of forests. Hanief, Director of the Bobby's Camp at G-land, saying that resornya operates generators minimal sound. The Generator that is capable of illuminating the resort and turn the air conditioning (AC) cable TV and hot water. Every day they also produce the bread themselves and cultivate local foods, as boiled Yam and taro, to meet the accommodation and food of the surfers.

With an average of 100 US dollars each day, for at least three days, tourists can enjoy the senyapnya forest, the waves roll, complete with a 5-star hotel accommodation.

However, if you want more efficient, Wisma TNAP in Rawabendo could be an option. Tariffs room only Rp 100,000. Warung in the complex area of the House can be a choice of places to eat, in addition to food messages of the homeless.

In this place you can be another sensation, attended, birds, animal behaviour, and the rustling of foliage friction.

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The eagerly awaited appearance of the Red Carpet

Who is the best, worst dress, choose clothes that are "safe", or even dare to take risks, while attending the Academy Awards 2011?
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A flea Many Popular items in France

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DINI KUSMANA MASSABUAU Barang loak di Perancis.

KOMPAS.com - Di Perancis, penggemar barang loak ternyata lumayan banyak. Bahkan boleh dibilang semakin meningkat setiap tahunnya. Bisa jadi karena faktor mode atau lebih ke arah kepuasaan pribadi. Yaitu bisa mendapatkan barang merk terkenal dengan harga murah tapi masih dalam kondisi baik.

Gelar barang loak ini bahkan menjadi sebuah tradisi bagi suatu kota. Seminggu sekali biasanya di setiap kota diadakan pasar loak. Misalnya di kota saya Montpellier, setiap hari minggu, digelar pasar loak besar sekali! Lapangan parkir stadiun bola sekelilingnya dipakai guna keperluan pasar barang bekas ini.

Penjualnya dari berbagai kalangan dari mulai penjual barang antik hingga pribadi. Pribadi dalam arti, kalangan umum yang hendak menjual beberapa barang milik mereka dengan alasan, tak ada lagi tempat di tempat tinggal mereka.

Saya sendiri pernah tiga kali ikutan gelar barang loak di pasar tersebut! Barang yang saya jual bersama suami macam-macam, pokoknya segala sesuatu yang sudah kami tak gunakan lagi dan bikin penuh isi rumah! Ehh lumayan hasilnya, padahal tujuannya bukan cari untung, asli ngosongin isi gudang. Biarpun kalau soal untung tak bisa ditakar apakah kami mendapatkan laba atau tidak, yang penting bagi kami saat itu adalah, menjual cepat dengan transaksi memuaskan kepada pembeli.

Gelar tikar yang dimulai dari pukul lima pagi, juga merupakan pengalaman yang unik, karena banyak para pengoleksi atau penjual barang antik, mereka datang dini hari untuk melihat-lihat siapa tahu ketemu barang bekas yang bernilai.

Sering kalangan umum tak engah, kalau barang bekas yang dijualnya berharga. Seperti kami ini, sebuah lukisan cetak milik dari nenek David alias kang Dadang, kami jual dengan harga lima euros, itupun karena ibu mertua yang memberi kepada kami untuk dibuang. Eh ternyata seminggu kemudian kami kembali ke pasar loak tersebut, untuk hunting barang bekas, kami dibuat kecut! Karena gambar lima euros yang kami jual menjadi lima puluh euros! Walahhh ternyata, gambar yang mau dibuang itu, bernilai toh, nasib!

Nah bicara soal barang bekas tapi bernilai ini, dekat dengan kota saya tinggal Montpellier ada sebuah kota yang terkenal sebagai tempatnya toko-toko barang antik. Nama kotanya yaitu Pezenas. Kota mungil namun ramai turis.

Begitu sampai di kota ini, sepanjang jalan kita disambut oleh toko-toko barang antik. Pemiliknya pun bukan hanya orang pribumi alias Prancis, tapi ada juga yang berasal dari Inggris, Belgia dan juga Asia. Barang yang di tawarkan kadang memang sering membuat orang geleng-geleng kepala, bagaimana tidak? Banyak barang yang sebenarnya milik nenek-kakek kita yang sudah kita buang karena dianggap sudah tua dan tak berfungsi, di sini malah ditawarkan dengan harga lumayan mahal.

Tapi yang menarik bukan karena banyaknya butik barang antik di kota ini, melainkan gelar pasar loak yang berlangsung satu hari penuh dan hanya dua kali dalam setahun. Minggu pertama di bulan Mei dan minggu kedua di bulan oktober. Pasar loak yang digelar sepanjang jalanan di kota ini, didatangi oleh pengunjung dari berbagai negara.

Begitu pula dengan penjualnya. Ramainya bukan main! Kebanyakan mereka menjual dengan cara gelar karpet di jalanan. Jadi bisa dibayangkan, sepanjang jalan kota isinya hanya para penjual dengan barang loak biasa hingga berharga! Dan kota pun tentunya tertutup bagi kendaraan. Sebisa mungkin, dua kali setahun itu kami datang mengunjunginya.

Kami yang terbiasa datang datang sudah hafal dengan trik untuk mendapatkan barang incaran kami. Tapi bagi pengunjung baru, biasanya mereka sering kalap dan takut menawar. Namun yang jadi masalah utama yaitu, kerap termakan oleh bualan si penjual. Barang tak terlalu berharga dibilang langka, antik dan bernilai tinggi, jadilah si pembeli cepat-cepat mengeluarkan uang takut kehilangan si barang. Ehhh tak tahunya, barang model itu, bisa ditemukan di tempat lain dengan harga lebih murah, karena memang bukan jenis barang yang hampir punah.

Kursi jebol dan besi karatan bernilai

Bicara soal barang, jenis yang di tawarkan memang bermacam-macam. Dari mulai pecah belah seperti perlengkapan makan hingga taplak meja antik. Dekorasi rumah, misalnya tirai jendela jaman dulu, lampu sampai karpet yang bahkan sudah sangat usang dan kadang bolong masih saja ditawarkan, dan anehnya ada saja yang bersedia membayar dengan harga mahal. Boneka atau mainan zaman dulu juga sering menjadi incaran para pengoleksi khusus.

Suatu kali anak sulung kami, Adam sempat tertarik dengan satu mobil miniatur Citroen tahun 50an. Tapi saya sampai tercengang ketika mendengar angka yang disebutkan si penjual. Untuk mobil miniatur itu dipasang harga 65 euros! Tentu saja, langsung saya suruh lepaskan mobil tersebut dari tangan anak saya. Lain lagi ceritanya ketika saya mendatangi penjual yang menggelar berbagai macam besi. Ketika saya dekati ternyata, besi-besi berkarat yang di jualnya itu berupa perkakas tempo dulu.

Sambil penasaran, saya tanyakan kepada bapak penjual, "Excusez-moi monsieur, combien vous vendez ce couteau?" (permisi pak, berapa anda menjual pisau ini?)

"Ah ce couteau…il est à 45 euros, madame" (ah pisau ini, dia berharga 45 euros, nyonya).

Wahhh mahal benar, kata saya dalam hati, padahal pisau yang saya pegang itu benar-benar sudah berkarat dan sudah tidak rata lagi.

Melihat saya tak menjawab apalagi memulai harga penawaran, mulailah bapak penjual itu menceritakan asal usul pisau yang masih saya pegang. Menarik sekali memang, cerita yang dia dongengkan, tapi suami saya bilang kalau dia tidak percaya dengan karangan si penjual, tentunya kami menggunakan bahasa indonesia agar tak dimengerti bapak penjual. Benar saja, ketika saya meneruskan pemantauan barang antik lainnya, ternyata model pisau yang sama, bisa ditemukan di tempat-tempat lainnya.

Tapi jangan salah, ada memang barang yang berkarat habis, tapi memiliki nilai tinggi karena sudah sangat langka dan ada sejarah di baliknya. Bahkan kursi yang sudah jebol pun sering jadi rebutan orang. Memang sering kali meubel antik menjadi hal yang paling menarik di pasar ini, apalagi bila perabotan itu hasil karya perancang di masa itu yang sudah sulit ditemukan.

Tahun lalu saya mengajak orang tua saya yang sedang liburan di kota saya ke pasar antik terkenal ini. Kebetulan sekali mereka berkunjung di bulan Mei. Ibu saya sampai tercengang melihat panjangnya pasar yang di gelar, dan dia sangat menikmati sekali menjelajahi barang pecah belah khususnya yang terbuat dari kristal.

Soal harga menurutnya, sangat masuk akal bila dilihat kualitasnya, saya yang awam soal kristal percaya saja dengan dirinya yang memang mengincar barang berkilau ini selama bertahun-tahun. Malah ketika saya pulang untuk berlebaran, mangkok kristal dari pasar loak Pezenas itu terlihat anggun sekali di pajang dalam ruang tamunya.

Buku-buku bekas juga menjadi sasaran para pengunjung, sering saya menemukan komik bacaan saya ketika masih di sekolah dasar. Biasanya penjual buku bekas menjual juga kartu pos lama. Saya memang hobi sekali mengumpulkan kartu pos jaman dulu, selain gambarnya unik tanggal dicetaknya sangat penting bagi saya.

Tapi kartu pos yang saya beli selalu yang masih kosong tentunya. Nah di sini lain lagi, justru banyak yang sengaja membeli yang sudah di isi. Pada mulanya saya heran, tapi lama kelamaan saya baru mengerti, ternyata tanggal penulisan yang tertera dan juga isi suratnya yang masih dengan gaya tempo dulu mempunyai nilai tertentu, bagi para pengkoleksi.

Sejauh ini memang setiap kali saya mengujungi pasar antik itu, hanya barang kecil yang kami beli, tidak pernah barang besar seperti perabotan rumah. Karena bila membeli di penjual yang menggelar di jalanan, harus di ambil saat itu juga. Biasanya mereka yang benar-benar berniat sudah menyiapkan mobil khusus untuk mengangkutnya.

Empat tahun belakangan ini, seorang penjual yang ikut meramaikan pasar loak Pezenas menjual khusus barang antik dari Indonesia. Terus terang, saya sempat di buat tercengang karena kelenengan sapi yang sebenarnya tidak ada nilainya di daerah Kalimantan, dipajang bagaikan barang unik yang bermakna tinggi. Saat itu dia membawa sekitar sepuluh kelenengan sapi. Dan saya lihat beberapa mulai lenyap dibawa oleh pembeli.

Kang Dadang mulai ribut, karena baginya kelenengan itu memang unik. Karena si penjual tahu saya dari Indonesia, maka harga yang dilepasnya sangat masuk akal. Sekarang kelenengan yang harusnya melingkar di leher sapi, menjadi hiasan di pintu masuk kami.  Padahal terus terang mungkin sudah beribu-ribu kali saya bertemu pandang dengan barang itu setiap kali pulang kampung kerumah nenek ketika masih kecil. Ahhhh, malah sekarang saya harus membelinya dari orang asing.

Dan mata saya sempat bersinar saat melihat sebuah becak dipajang di depan toko antik. Saya panggil anak-anak kami, tapi begitu mendekat ternyata becak, transportasi saya waktu kecil itu sudah laris dijual di tangan orang Perancis, seharga 350 euros. Becak bekas itu berkali-kali menjadi daya tarik para pendatang di pasar loak tersebut.

Saya perhatikan dari tahun ke tahun, pengunjung yang datang ke pasar loak ini semakin ramai oleh peminat dari kalangan muda, bahkan kebanyakan dengan anak-anak mereka yang masih balita. Di suruhnya anak mereka, melihat berbagai mainan tempo dulu, ada bahkan yang dibelikan sepeda kayu zaman dahulu, tentunya masih layak dipakai.

Mereka bahkan begitu senang dapat membeli seperai, taplak hingga barang yang tak terpikirkan oleh saya untuk digunakan kembali karena sudah usang. Bagi mereka, barang loak lebih memiliki cerita dibaliknya. Kisah dari suatu barang menurutnya lebih berharga dan mereka sangat bangga memiliki barang bekas yang memberikan makna bagi si pemiliknya. (Dini Kusmana Massabuau)

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Ready-ready to Wear "Maxi Dress" Again

Dress is one of the clothing required in the closet of a woman. One type of dress that would be another trend is the maxi dress.
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Fuss Choosing shoes for Celebrity on Oscar

Footwear designer must know the shape of the foot of the entertainer, or whether they are vegetarian. Natalie Portman, for example, not wear leather shoes.
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Puppet So Tourist Attraction

COMPASS IMAGES/NI LUH MADE EARTH F Show puppet in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Jaktim, Sun (6/3/2011).

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com -Who would have thought the kid can be a puppeteer puppet. This is evident from the inauguration of Union Perdalangan Indonesia (Perpadi) province of DKI Jakarta in the venues of Central Java, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). The mastermind and mastermind teenage child exhibited an alleged ability brought puppets of Java for six hours in turns.

"There are 20 mastermind. Mastermind child 18, the age under 14 years. Mastermind teens there were 2. That made mastermind teens ages 15-24 years, "said Publicist Perpadi Jakarta, Toto Sumarwoto, Sun (6/3/2011).

He spoke of the child and the adolescent's mastermind is always performed in various events at Jakarta, Solo, even outside of Java. In Jakarta, they performed at TMII and Puppet Museum. "In spite of young age, but they're professionals," he said proudly.

Toto is one of the teachers training pendalangan in the Castle children, TMII. Most of the puppeteer who performed that indeed is the ordinary student learning in children. They are generally grouped in Pepadi East Jakarta.

Participants most small, according to the band, is a new age of Dyas 4 years. In 2010, he broke the record as the mastermind of the smallest Muri. "The mastermind of this child-puppeteer all born in Jakarta and in Jakarta. Even his family did not bleed, "said Toto.

He added the puppet also became a tourist attraction and as a means of promotion of tourism. "Therefore, we have the program language of the United Kingdom. We teach the children mendalang to use the language of United Kingdom, "he added.

The child and adolescents this puppeteer has already several times performed in the United Kingdom on several occasions. According to Toto, the puppeteer is always watched the foreign tourists up to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. "This is for regeneration. We're not afraid anymore puppeteer will run out, because it is still there, continue to be sustainable, "says the band.

Some spectators who attended it deliberately special came to watch the action of the junior storyteller. As a mother who came with his family, he deliberately away from Depok as Klezmer wants to watch wayang kulit.

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The Largest Contributor To The Chemicals Of Hair Damage

Identify activities that threaten the health of hair, such as the use of chemicals and the temperature of the heat, because 80 percent of women had no hair damage.
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Mastermind Child Cross The

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com -there is the figure-figure of interest among twenty mastermind child and teenager who appeared at the inauguration of Union Perdalangan Indonesia (Perpadi) Jakarta. The event takes place in venues of Central Java, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Sunday (6/3/2011). Mastermind-puppeteer ages 4-17 years appeared mesmerised the audience with his Javanese wayang mendalang.

Interestingly, the child and the adolescent mastermind was born and raised in Jakarta. Even some puppeteer have parents who are not from the tribe of Java. And they mendalang in Javanese. One is the still Zaki as Paundra Achary 7 year old. "I was a mixture of Pasture and Chinese. My husband of Banten. Not a Jawanya, "sahut Hartini, Mrs. Zaki.

Hartini speak initially Zaki interested in watching television puppet performances to the extent that he possibly saw overnight performance serves. "After that have learned to be the mastermind. Initially I was nentang because to me it is weird, because we do not have blood, "the story.

Zaki himself recently studied for 6 months. He is interested because it is a good form of wayang. "The music is also good. Most liked of Bimo and Semar, "said Zaki.

Meanwhile, the Publicist Perpadi Jakarta, Toto Sumarwoto, age of effective to learn to be the mastermind is already able to read the age or grade 1 SD. "but there is a child who could not read, dibacain parents, already directly hapal. Would it be from small once already learned mendalang, "says the band.

They also learn mendalang in the United Kingdom. Therefore, they can get used to performing before audiences of domestic and foreign tourists. Toto is also one of the teachers training pendalangan in the Palace of children TMII speak Javanese wayang could be intense anyone regardless of ethnicity.

He was pleased with his mastermind-puppeteer child although not derived from Java. For example the Akhirwan Dyo Maulana was 13 years old. According to Toto, Dyo was able to catch the rhythm of the Javanese gamelan with good and in harmony with the action ' dances that ' puppet. "I am the original field. My wife is also the Field, "said Eddy Akhirwa, father Dyo.

Dyo learn know puppets due when she is afraid of the puppet. That sense of fear is gone, his father then introduces the puppet figures. "Old-old dikenalin, I so want to learn," says Dyo.

He learned the mendalang since the age of 7 years and dreams of becoming a professional storyteller as adults later on. Dyo is also revealed to be the mastermind, he can preserve the national culture.

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Use the shampoo first applies only to women that her hair is dry. It turns out, many beauty treatments are suitable for us.
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The motives of the name "Hosny" Mubarak in his suit

The President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak seems afraid of forgetting his name, he made the letters renamed into the motives of the line in his suit.
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Secret Skin Smooth Jennifer Kurniawan

Daily eating habits affect the shape of the body and health skin Jennifer Kurniawan. What makes her skin look fresh and smooth?
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FC Barcelona

Football Club Barcelona (Catalan pronunciation: [FUB ː ɔɫ ˌ Klup bəɾsəlonə], Spanish [fuðβol kluβ βarθelona]) (colloquially often just as Barcelona and Barcelona known (in Catalan: [baɾsə], Spanish: [bar])), is a Spanish football club Barcelona, Spain. Games in the Spanish league and is one of only three clubs that has gone before.

Founded in Barcelona led Foot-Ball Club in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English and Spanish soccer players of Joan Gamper, the club was a symbol of Catalan culture and Catalan, hence the slogan "What Club Més UN" (in English Language: More than a club). Barca is the official hymn "Song of Barcelona" by Jaume Pica and Josep Maria Espinas written. Unlike many other football clubs, supporters of the ownership and operation of Barcelona. It is the richest football club in the world second in terms of income, with an annual turnover of € 398,000,000 €. The club has a long-standing rivalry with Real Madrid, and similarities between the two teams are known as "The Classic".

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