Dude Harlino Indonesian Actor

Male protagonist in the film In Mihrab Love, Dude Harlino (30), it is believed that God intervened so much in her life. Confidence can be seen through the journey of his career in the entertainment world that increasingly brilliant country to achieve a number of awards.

"It was like asking me to pray just 10, the same God given 2,000," said Panasonic Award-winning actor in 2007 and 2010.

Over all it has received it, Dude tries to always be grateful. "I made it as a mandate from God and trying to use it for something useful. One of them by playing in films and soap operas are good, "said Dude who played in a number of soap operas, such as Nikita.

In his latest film, Dude must be willing to bald hair slashed. For business career, Dude does not want half measures. "I want my works not only enjoyed this time alone, but also later by the children and my grandchildren," he said.

Dude hopes, through his acting in this movie, people can easily learn to not prejudiced to others. He also hopes the audience can absorb the message to keep away from libel because libel is a cruel act that can destroy a person's life.


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