Cerita panas Tante girang ngecrot di mobil baru

Cerita panas Tante girang ngecrot di mobil baru Although Adobe Flash can not run on the iPad, it does not mean Adobe will just ignore that platform. A series of new applications from Adobe has been prepared for the iPad and other Android-based tablet devices.

The application was announced at the annual conference MAX 2011. At the same time, Adobe also announced a service called Creative Cloud.

Six applications were introduced creativity as a series of Adobe's Touch Apps. Nevertheless, the sixth will be available separately as an independent application that is closely associated with the Creative Cloud service.

Here is a glimpse of the features of each application as quoted from the written statement on Tuesday (4/10/2011):

Adobe Photoshop Touch

As the name implies, this is the Photoshop for tablets. Promised, this application will be more ferocious than the application 'drawing' the other is in the iPad.

This application allows users to combine multiple images / photos in separate layers. Editing and the use of filters on images can be done.

One excellent feature is the Scribble Selection Tool. Users can separate the image from the background by doing a scribble (graffiti) on the area that would be taken last in the area that would be discarded.

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