Bug Heroes for iPhone / iPad Download

Part of survival without end, the defense of the castle, and RPG, is the hero of a new blend of action and adventure like never before in the App Store! Master three heroes, including a deadly killer and fast spider, a beetle with a heavy armor and armed with a machine gun engineer ants. Build towers to defend your grocery store, explore vast landscapes, travel, food environment, a variety of enemies face, final side quests, and much more!

  • Control of the three heroes, each with different strengths, weaknesses, equipment and personalities. Quickly switch between them at any time and engulf more than 25 enemy types, from tiny chip giant snails.
  • Security level heroes to increase their skills and a list of more than 30 skills and equipment. Fallen pumps in the vicinity of the mines or textile weaving, special effects like a giant over a button or screen can, and use skills to time, or rush to slow down by the enemy.
  • Elements of the defense of the castle - Defend your supply of food for the hordes of hungry insects! Based on seven different types of towers to help him survive, including machine guns, laser pointers, fireworks, magnifiers and much more.
  • Set different - to explore more uniquely high level. Food stocks what you hide food. Accept or reject the optional side missions. special attention to the hero, a strong defense, or a balance between the two. Take time to level up a hero or failure of the experiment between the three. Play as you want!
  • Multiple profiles and save games, tons of achievements and online leaderboards massive gameplay!
  • Compatible with old and new, including the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G and the latest gadgets. Enjoy vivid graphics retina 4 and 4G iPhone iPod Touch!

Name: Bug Heroes| Download from: App Store | Price: 2$


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