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Blog kumpulan cerita dewasa panas Forensic Audit Agency (BPK) on fund flows Century Bank responded cynically by members timwas Bambang Soesatyo Century. Nothing new from the data.

"CPC forensic audit report submitted to parliament nothing new and far from expectations," said Bambang via text message told AFP on Friday (23/12/2011).

Golkar politician even accused the authority of the CPC no pressure. Detailed data that were previously expected Bambang does not exist.

"The pressure succeeded in reducing the power of the forensic audit. His report is not much different from the BPK audit report of the first investigation," he continued.

The only data that concerns a member of Commission III is simply the flow of funds to the PT MNP, Jurnas newspaper publisher. But it's also not something extraordinary.

"CPC is only revealed no flow of funds to PT MNP newspaper publisher owned by certain parties in the period 2006-2009 are valued at Rp100, 95 billion," he complained.

The results of the forensic audit by BPK Century officially submitted to parliament last Friday. There were 13 audit findings highlighted CPC.

From the documents seen any funding streams Century unnatural to some people. Apart from PDI-P politician Emir Moeis, also called Hartanto name Edhie Wibowo, who was none other than the little brother of First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. But, Hartanto dispute this. The document also listed the flow of funds to PT MNP.

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