Ian Fleming's Jamaica Airport Opening

Jamaica has opened a new airport is named after Ian Fleming, the same as the name of the author of the novels of James Bond, who wrote the story of espionage and intriknya while living on the Caribbean island.

Ian Fleming International Airport was officially opened this week by Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

Located on the north coast of Jamaica near Ocho Rios resort, the third airport in the Caribbean island was intended to serve tourists, according to the information office of Jamaica (JIS).

Fleming wrote the James Bond novels of best-selling - such as "From Russia with Love" and "Dr. No" - in Jamaica, the island's exotic background in much the content of the story and called the island as "England's former oldest and most romantic ".

"Ian Fleming has contributed to Jamaica and gave Jamaica a much larger image than from others that they can, because this is where the adrenaline flowing, where creativity comes who allowed her to write 13 James Bond novel," Golding said in comments quoted by the JIS.

Golding thanked the Fleming family for having allowed the government of Jamaica to use the name.

The airport, built in place of an old airfield, not far from the Goldeneye estate in Saint Mary Parish, where Fleming lived and wrote in the 1950s and the 1960s. He died in 1964 in England.

Some of his film also includes scenes that were taken in Jamaica.


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