Lindsay Lohan Launches Shoe Collection

Than in a rehabilitation center does not mean that Lindsay Lohan and then hope to lose employment. Although it is impossible to play the movie in the rehabilitation phase, but LiLo has a different idea of making money, that is, the development of the fashion industry.

Apparently fashion brand named 6126 as very encouraging, as are the actresses who have problems with drugs and alcohol, he felt the need to develop. One possibility is to add a collection of shoes, including shoes and sandals.

"(shoe-boots) Classic, glamorous, you can always sexy and of course be used. She (Lohan) would solve everything, when it came out later, " said a representative for Lohan.

Lohan is for himself, "rehabilitation center graduados'en set next week after a court ordered to undergo the treatment for three months because of the lack of drug testing he underwent during his probation.


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