Granary Coal, Kalimantan scourged Electricity Crisis Continues

The businessman lamented the condition of electricity in Kalimantan, but the region is a source of coal producer is the source of electricity generation. Power outages continued to occur not least in the heart of the provincial capital.

As experienced by entrepreneurs who are members of the Board of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) is alarmed when he was held in Building palace Munassus Pancasila Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The Association seeks members received instructions regarding power outages in Banjarmasin.

This was conveyed by Chairman Erwin Aksa HIPMI when addressing the Plenary Session II events and Munassus HIPMI in palace building Pancasila, Banjarmasin, on Friday (01/21/2011).

"Last night we were having a meeting, suddenly there was a friend to come, then give the instructions. I think that would be told about the event later in the morning, was told that there are instructions that the two minutes the lights will go out," said Erwin in front of the Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Rajasa which also present at the event.

Erwin regretted that the rich area of South Kalimantan coal should have a developed infrastructure, but rather a blackout in the area.

"Frankly we were very concerned in South Kalimantan is rich in coal and other natural resource-rich. But the infrastructure is still lagging far behind, such as electricity last night," he explained.

He hoped to Koordiasi Economy Minister that the government should give special attention to infrastructure development in South Kalimantan to avoid blackouts like the things that happened last night.


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