Ngintip Celana Cewek Cantik

Ngintip Celana Cewek Cantik Supreme Court (MA) on January 12, 2011 has finally been officially granted custody filed by vocalist, songwriter, music producer Maia Estianty of three children of her marriage to fellow seprofesinya fruit, Ahmad Dhani, namely Ahmad Al-Gazali (Al), El Jalaludin Rumi (El), and Abdul Qadir Jilani (Dul).

This decision followed the religious court judges (PA) South Jakarta in 2008, which dropped the custody of the child to Maia, but so far not ignored by Dhani, the ex-husband.

With the Supreme Court decision, Maia said happily. "Thank God the Supreme Court yesterday in the Supreme Court decision has strengthened custody. What we have in PA yesterday contested decision have gotten very good results," said Maia, who held a news conference that his birthday party the 35th, in Kemang, Jakarta, Sunday (01/30/2011) night.

Furthermore, Maia Dhani sure will not feel satisfied with the decision that the Supreme Court. "All I know, he wanted to review (PK). But, from the lawyers I've said that's up if seandaainya Dhani would ask PK baseball anything. Keputuan MA is workable,"said Maia. "I was given the same trust God to take care of children, although until this moment have not been submitted," due diligence.

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