Foto Mesra Yuni Shara - Raffi Ahmad

rRaffi Ahmad's younger brother will soon follow the footsteps of his brother on stage entertainment homeland. The girl named Nisya was reportedly started his singing career in the world and produced by Taio Cruz.

"Yes, my brother produced the same Nisya Yuni. That one single duet singer, his name is Rajesh. My sister was singing his ideals. Nisya, his voice better than me. From the beginning sempet want the process to make an album, but is hampered continue, maybe her soul mate now. Found Yuni, Yuni is produced, "said Raffi when found in preskon enormity AWARDS at RCTI Studio, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (19 / 1).

Raffi asserted that he was very optimistic that his brother would be successful in the music arena. And he denied that there are elements of 'nepotism' in popularizing his younger brother.

"Nah. At first she did not speak often, met the same Yuni. I do not know what the conversation, all of a sudden get there. Not on my recommendation," he said.

As a brother, Raffi very supportive and confident in Yuni to help his younger brother.

"It must be believed. Hopefully the first project to be successful. The title of the song was not wrong because you reply. It's a recording, have made video clips, live launch," he concluded.

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