Cerita Dewasa Memek Tante Nan Mantap

Cerita Dewasa Memek Tante Nan Mantap Indonesia to treat terrorism as a crime, so the approach used is legal. The perpetrator is caught legally processed through an independent judicial process.

Similarly, the Head of National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) General of Police (Ret.) Ansyaad Mbai in a seminar on "Combating Terrorism Strategy Indonesia", as stated Socio-Cultural Function of Information and Public Diplomacy Punjul Nugraha Embassy in Brussels told AFP in Brussels (07/04/2011).

The seminar was Cerita Dewasa Memek Tante Nan Mantap organized jointly by the Embassy in Brussels with the Egmont Institute in Castle Val Duchesse, Brussels (29/6/2011), attended by participants, mostly representatives of EU institutions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence of Belgium, think-tank institutions and academia in Belgium.

Appearing as the keynote speaker, General Mbai explained that the approach to counter-terrorism strategy that made Indonesia was developed from a variety of experience in dealing with acts of terrorism before.

"The use of hard power in the face of terrorism is not enough. Therefore, Indonesia is also developing a program de-radicalization, "said General Mbai.

According to General Mbai, one of the most important thing in fighting terrorism is against the radical ideology through various social approaches.

General Mbai further stressed that another important element in combating terrorism is international cooperation, because no country is immune to the threat of terrorism.

"Cooperation between countries both through bilateral and multilateral scheme is one key to minimizing the threat of terrorism," said General Mbai.

Meanwhile, Head of Counter Terrorism Kemenlu Belgium, Ambassador Thomas Baekelandt, who appeared as a commentator say that he followed closely the development of the capacity of Indonesia in the response to terrorism.

"Indonesia has recorded encouraging progress and achievements in combating terrorism. What is done by Indonesia in fact can also be developed for Europe, primarily to increase public awareness in order to prevent the development of radicalism, "said Ambassador Baekelandt.

Ambassador in Brussels Arif Havas Oegroseno in a statement said that the visit to Brussels BNPT Head is to show directly the success of Indonesia in the response to terrorism as well as open up an opportunity to exchange experiences with the various parties in Europe in dealing with Cerita Dewasa Memek Tante Nan Mantap terrorism.

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