BB Blackberry Blokir, Olivia Lopez Jensen Rely on PC

Related issues blocking threats Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry service providers in Indonesia due to not filter out pornographic content on the Internet service in Indonesia, was recognized movie player Olivia Lopez Jensen is not a problem to be exaggerated.

"He said that it would block the browser, I still baseball problem because I tend to use for fuel-an (BlackBerry Messenger)," Olivia said when met at Istora Jakarta on Monday (10/01/2011) night.

If on January 17, 2011 will not reach an agreement and require that RIM was closed by the Ministry of Communications and Information (Kemenkominfo), Oliver will rely on the Personal Computer (PC) to surf in cyberspace.

"Browsing not it still be on the computer," he said.

Olivia could not refuse if smartphones can bring negative impacts and positive. "There must be good and bad thing, but unfortunately aja if misused for things that are pornographic. Like I and others who do not receive the effects of abuse but the follow-up hit," lid Olivia.


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