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Photos Justin Bieber, hemm who the hell knows guns Justin Bieber a Canadian pop singer, teen births in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada has become a new idol and in an instant has had thousands of fans all over the world, apart from a handsome face, JB has a recognized ability to sing a lot of people.
Well if kepengen know who the hell she ever fill the hearts Justin Bieber, here are some photos that can be boyfriend Justin Bieber summarized.

Violence against journalists is not just happening in the country. A photographer Justin Bieber guards demanding as it gets rough treatment while trying to photograph Justin.

The photographer's name was Jason Nicholas. He claimed guards were wounded by harsh treatment Justin. The incident occurred in New York Hotel on Friday, November 26. At that time, penembang Baby is about to get out of London Hotel.

According to Jason, Justin guards prevented super aggressive in taking the picture. After that incident, Jason was suffering from back pain. Thus was launched E! News, Thursday (12/02/2010).

"Justin came out escorted by a group of small, two bodyguards and two others. Without the way Justin, I held the camera and started shooting. But the guards shouted. Then push me until the car hit the SUV," said Jason.

Unfortunately for Jason, Justin does not reacting see it hurt. In fact, Justin saw the incident. "Justin's view, but said nothing," he added.

Nicholas then taken to Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell and was diagnosed with a muscle strain. He was arrested, but released the same day. Then on Tuesday, November 30, he filed a reporton the attack to the New York Police Department .

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