Foto Aura Kasih Bugil Telanjang

Aura Kasih

Since Video Bokep Luna maya video ariel and Cut tari Ariel similar circulation, the name Aura Kasih predicted as the next star that appears in pornographic videos. Called video has been circulating, but after checking it turns out a hoax!

Various comments on Twitter continues to insist on mentioning that the video with aura-like star has been outstanding. In fact, they send photographs to strengthen links.

In the photo seen the video capture sex with female star-like aura. The woman was seen sleeping on your back on a white bed sheet. The intimate parts of women were censored. Figure only shows the upper body of the woman.

Some even spread the video link. But it turns out false, because when the link is downloaded, its contents instead of five songs that were taken at random.

But some people insist on having claimed the video. Rumor video 9 minutes duration. Some say that the duration of videos longer than 18 minutes previously circulated.


"After the neck in make tilt left ama Cut Tari, now made back straight ama Aura Kasih; D"
"Oh dear Ariel, Ariel,,, 've Luna Maya,, Cut Tari then no word again if the same air-Aura Kasih video nasty duration of 18 mnit, lg sp Bsok ma?"
"Waiting for session 3 aura of love, this love bkln nglhn Fitri!"

So a few comments about the video Twitter users like Aura Kasih. Some link the name of Ariel and Aura Kasih even showed a video pocong grandmothers. Not a few also are deceived by it. Hiiiii ... (Yla / NRL / detikhot)
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