10 Tips Delicious and Healthy Eating

New Year holidays are usually identical to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. But how to remain pleasant holiday this time without fear of overeating? For those of you who have the resolution to live healthier and lose weight, the following important tips you should look!

1. Avoid Eating Excess
Eat when you feel hungry and avoid overeating though people around you do it. If anyone is willing to offer food or treats to eat, make sure that you really want and need it before eating the food.

2. Find Opportunities For Always Moving
Repeat the lane when you have the time even though only a few minutes, and choose to walk instead of driving a car or bus when going to a place that is close.

3. Stay Healthy Eating Food at Home
If during this holiday you spend much time at home still hold firm to the principles of healthy eating at home. Because you are often tempted to enjoy the food or unhealthy snacks while watching television, playing games, or reading a book. Even so it could not hurt also to occasionally enjoy a 'junk food' when eating out.

4. Expand Drinking Water
White water and tea can make you feel full. This can reduce the desire to increase food and drink unhealthy drinks like soda or alcohol.

5. Establish Commitment
Determination is made to make the brain know what you really want. "I will try to live healthy, even when other people enjoy 'junk food' and glasses of wine". This is an example of determination that can be used during this holiday.

6. Snacks Interludes
People who eat little but often throughout the day tend to lose weight without feeling hungry than people who eat a lot in one or two occasions as well. Enjoying a healthy snack like fruit or nuts chestnuts, among the heavy meal is a good way to reduce hunger and overeating. It also can keep the pressure of sugar so you have more energy.

7. Avoid Foods
If you're enjoying the party, stand in a place far away from food and snacks. If you stand too close to food, you may be tempted to always chew your food throughout the event.

8. High Protein Food
Research shows that in the diet, high protein foods to satiate the body. If possible try to reduce the consumption of these foods during the holidays. Foods that contain protein include fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds.

9. Do not Save Guilt
If you feel guilty about not ever to start thinking, "I had messed my hard work, and also hardship on themselves by enjoying some pudding." Be grateful that you have a beautiful night. Keep moving and reaffirmed in resolution hearts what you truly want in the new year.

10. Always Remember Your Goals
Do not ever forget what your goal and what you want to feel. This will keep you focused and help you to to say 'No' on excess food.


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