Brisk Walking to Prevent Cancer

You don't need to be an athlete or work out an all-out every day to prevent cancer. Doing a brisk walk or a brisk walk 45 minutes every day effective way to prevent breast cancer and colon cancer.

Experts from the World Cancer Research Fund asserts, the entire physical activity of moderate intensity, such activities as brisk walking, can increase heart rate effective to prevent cancer.

According to experts, that is not less important is the total time spent in physical activity. In other words, we are free to determine various physical activities as long as it is done at least 45 minutes. Therefore, you should combine activities as walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, combined with the activities of gardening or cleaning house.

"More and more scientific evidence which shows that physically active is very important to prevent cancer. Even so, you do not need to come to the gym every day. We can reduce cancer risk by doing small and simple changes, like doing a brisk walk every day," said Dr. Rachel Thompson of the World Cancer Research Fund.


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