Ramalan togel Suhu Indotogel Mantap !!!

Ramalan togel Suhu Indotogel Mantap !!! - Amid the idea of the establishment of infrastructure bonds to cover the state budget funds seretnya, was Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies, Darmaningtyas, not too impressed with the proposed issuance of infrastructure bonds.

"When keperluannya only to obtain funds for infrastructure development, it's really not necessary to issue bonds. For the future burden of payment is borne by the people," said Darmaningtyas on Wednesday (05/01/2011) in Jakarta.

What is needed, said Darmaningtyas is, commitment and consistency of government. "Immediately remove the subsidy fund of Rp 85 trillion for the fuel, and then switch to transportation infrastructure and electricity. Funds transfer of the fuel subsidy is far greater than the sale of bonds," he said.

But be reminded Darmaningtyas, this commitment is also marked by imbangnya budgeting for the transportation sector. For example, the budget for the directorate-general (of Highways, Ministry of Public Works) do far more than for the Ministry of Transportation.

Rudy Thehamihardja transportation observer, also not too agrees with the proposed infrastructure bond. "Not yet. Grand designs are not yet clear,'ll actually happens is just an instrument to collect money, then not clear how to use it," he said.

Rudy also did not approve of infrastructure bonds as long as there are vehicles that are subsidized. "Let's say money from the bonds to build roads, it's silly because gasoline for vehicles that pass over it is still subsidized by state money," he said.


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