Soup Cafe Dulang, Top Banget! — We often pass Cafe Dulang each time it crosses the area Kuta. Friends I also never said if the soup there tasty all. Well, tonight I and friends deliberately want to dinner there because I want to prove the word kak Sherly, my friend.

The place is cozy, there are some seats are placed in terasnya and very close to the sidewalk. And with a light lights Dim makes the atmosphere is becoming warmer. Me and my friends were 6 people, and occupying a table that contains a pas 6 seats he-he-he ...

We immediately look around menu offered Cafe Dulang. The menu is very diverse, from the menu of a la Indonesia, Asia, to the West also. And we chose the nasi hainam, ox, and beef stroganoff.

While waiting for our orders, we chatted while joking. There is also a passionate BBM's with the girlfriend he-he-e. Finally comes also our orders. The first came in is the order of Eric, beef stroganoff .... cooked beef with Bell Peppers and sauces such as mayonaise. I taste a little, and it turned out delicious. Unique is also the bumbunya, the meat is soft and sapinya also appear to match only served with rice.

The next Menu that comes is rice hainam chicken and soup buntutnya. We try the rice hainamnya used to be, Yes. A sense of their chickens, duh, delicious lho. Bumbunya percolating up into it, and meat also tender banget. Yummy banget deh is their chickens. So did rice hainamnya ... it feels really good. Not to mention plus with kaldunya the warm, make my stomach so it feels warm. Steady deh this rice hainam their chickens.

Sop buntutnya also awful. No wonder this was one of the Favorites menu in Cafe Dulang. Taste delicious is second to none, kuahnya and buntutnya also tender. Cobain deh sop buntutnya awful because. There are also red beans in kuahnya, so the more love I just sop buntutnya.

Friends I also love the soup here. Kak Budi also to eat two kinds of toppings like me, soup and rice hainam chicken. Toplah food Cafe Dulang. Later I will surely drop by here again if visiting Bali again. (Ita)


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