Farah Quinn Promote Food Bengkulu

COMPASS IMAGES/KRISTIANTO PURNOMO Farah Quinn came on The 13th Panasonic Gobel Awards in Djakarta Theatre XXI, Jakarta, Saturday (26/3/2010) night. An appreciation for the work and the present national television employees 25 Awards consisting of 11 Awards category of the individual award categories, program events, and one special award.

BENGKULU, KOMPAS.com -chef beautiful Farah Quinn promotes the city of Bengkulu through a number of typical foods such as fish pais, the revenue and the cake tat. "Promotion of Bengkulu in particular tourism I do through cooking in one private TV, all back home, because my parents lived in Bengkulu and small time I spend in the city," said Farah told reporters at the residence of his parents in Bengkulu, Monday (7/3/2011).

Farah claimed to have long proposed the city of Bengkulu as location shooting of the program are not only popular with the mother. However, these new opportunities materialize now and he is ready to promote a number of tourist locations in the city of Bengkulu, which provided the filming locations of programs aired on private TELEVISION.

Some locations are chosen among others House Bung Karno when undergoing exile in Bengkulu, Fort Marlborough legacy of United Kingdom and the long Beach natural tourism objects. "I'm also filming home and share my great family favorite recipes and cooking at school I used to be, SD Carolus, so all the nostalgia," he said.

The second Assistant II this provincial government Bengkulu Fauzan Rahim says the city of Bengkulu has great potential as a tourist destination, it's just that the promotion and management needs to be improved.

Through the cooking program viewing, he said, in addition to a number of attractions, the typical food recipes will also be distributed in Bengkulu. "Not only through this program, I also always promote Bengkulu via personal social networking such as facebook and twitter," he said.


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