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JAKARTA, -there is the figure-figure of interest among twenty mastermind child and teenager who appeared at the inauguration of Union Perdalangan Indonesia (Perpadi) Jakarta. The event takes place in venues of Central Java, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Sunday (6/3/2011). Mastermind-puppeteer ages 4-17 years appeared mesmerised the audience with his Javanese wayang mendalang.

Interestingly, the child and the adolescent mastermind was born and raised in Jakarta. Even some puppeteer have parents who are not from the tribe of Java. And they mendalang in Javanese. One is the still Zaki as Paundra Achary 7 year old. "I was a mixture of Pasture and Chinese. My husband of Banten. Not a Jawanya, "sahut Hartini, Mrs. Zaki.

Hartini speak initially Zaki interested in watching television puppet performances to the extent that he possibly saw overnight performance serves. "After that have learned to be the mastermind. Initially I was nentang because to me it is weird, because we do not have blood, "the story.

Zaki himself recently studied for 6 months. He is interested because it is a good form of wayang. "The music is also good. Most liked of Bimo and Semar, "said Zaki.

Meanwhile, the Publicist Perpadi Jakarta, Toto Sumarwoto, age of effective to learn to be the mastermind is already able to read the age or grade 1 SD. "but there is a child who could not read, dibacain parents, already directly hapal. Would it be from small once already learned mendalang, "says the band.

They also learn mendalang in the United Kingdom. Therefore, they can get used to performing before audiences of domestic and foreign tourists. Toto is also one of the teachers training pendalangan in the Palace of children TMII speak Javanese wayang could be intense anyone regardless of ethnicity.

He was pleased with his mastermind-puppeteer child although not derived from Java. For example the Akhirwan Dyo Maulana was 13 years old. According to Toto, Dyo was able to catch the rhythm of the Javanese gamelan with good and in harmony with the action ' dances that ' puppet. "I am the original field. My wife is also the Field, "said Eddy Akhirwa, father Dyo.

Dyo learn know puppets due when she is afraid of the puppet. That sense of fear is gone, his father then introduces the puppet figures. "Old-old dikenalin, I so want to learn," says Dyo.

He learned the mendalang since the age of 7 years and dreams of becoming a professional storyteller as adults later on. Dyo is also revealed to be the mastermind, he can preserve the national culture.


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