Coast Of Plengkung, "Heaven" Surfers

COMPASS/IWAN ARDI foreign tourists enjoying the game of surfing in the waves roll Beach conservation area that enter Plengkung Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi, East Java.

By: Siwi Yunita Cahyaningrum

The couple surfers Jeremy (35)-Mine (33) already include the schedule of his visit to the coast of Plengkung, Banyuwangi, East Java. During the week, in March, husband and wife from Queensland, Australia, that target sensation Plengkung after exploring the Ijen Baluran National Park and Sitobondo, East Java.

If the foreign tourists are interested in, how about you? Do not profess true if surfers have never tried surfing at the beach that guts overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Not just the elegant beach Plengkung eye. The beach is also commonly known as "G-land" also became a favorite surfers in the world. Waves as high as 4-5 meters coming bersusulan create attractions surfing (surfing) is becoming more challenging. The siege Woods also made this place called "paradise of silence".

Deserves got Jeremy-Mine was jemu-jemunya to menyambangi this place. The origin of the idea, both tourists this actually have ever been menggunjungi G-land four years ago. During this apparently they nurture curiosity. Mid March indeed became one of the most appropriate time to vent their desire to return "joking" with a roll of waves Plengkung.

The waves of the South Coast will be rising began in March and October. Usually reach a peak at the full moon that falls in the middle of the month.

"We want to feel again the waves roll sensation bersusulan in G-land. The waves you get can be very high and it extends almost half kilometers, "said Mine's on Saturday (7/2) climb Mount Ijen with Jeremy, her husband.

Jeremy also loved the thrill of exploring the forests and observe wildlife behavior. Four years ago he didn't get to watch herds of banteng (Bos javanicus javanicus) which is in the coastal area of Sadengan, Alas Purwo. This time, he intends to repeat it again its activities, and hope the desire terpendamnya fulfilled.

Special interest

Long beach is located in the area of Plengkung Alas Purwo National Park (TNAP) became a special interest in the tourist destination. This beach is when viewed from the satellite imagery forming the curved shape of the letter G in reverse. A position that is what makes waves as high as 4 to 5 metres can be formed. The surfers can feel the sensation of the urge surf long and susul-following. Basic Beach G-land, according to Suharto, head of the resort Rawabendo, TNAP, shaped ramps. The trough is only found on the West side, which was once the location of the landing ship. This position makes G-land surf comfortable place. However, behind keelokannya necessarily need its own prudence. The reason, the reefs are within the sea could hurt the surfers in the water.

Every year not less than 400-600 foreign tourists who come to surf on this white sandy beach. In this place they could stay for a week, even months at the resort-the resort in the forest.

Through the forest

The beach can be reached via the road Plengkung overland from the city of Banyuwangi, road or sea from the island of Bali. Road trip takes 2-3 hours from the city of Banyuwangi to get the first gate in the Subdistrict TNAP Tegaldlimo.

All the way from the first gate to the post Rawabendo on the road, on right-TNAP just looks rerimbunan teak forest. However, arriving in the next post, i.e. Pancur, tropical rain forest vegetation began to give color to a trip to the beach Plengkung. Here lined endemic Alas Purwo. Sebutlah, for example, grainy (Manilkara kauki) and bamboo manggong (Gigantochloa manggong).

Along the journey can also be found in plants like nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum), keben (Barringtonia asiatica), ketapang (Terminalia cattapa), billowing (Sterculia foetida), and various kinds of bamboo.

To cross the forest, visitors should wear car double bergardan (double gardan) or four-wheel drive (4wd) property of the TNAP. The car was ready to transport tourists pass through the path that has not yet been paved, muddy and rocky from the post Pancur Plengkung Beach leading to the entrance. It costs reached Rp 130,000 per car, pergi-pulang.

The atmosphere of the forest are decorated with birds and diversity of the plant more feels if You sit in a tub of car Rangers. In that place, the point of view You could be more extensive. If lucky you'll find wild pigs which forage on the edge of the road, or monitor lizard of the komodo dragon who was sunbathing on the nearby river. However, you must hold the shocks due to the way an average 15 kilometres.

Arriving at the gates of the beach, a trip was spliced Plengkung on foot as far as more or less 200 metres to the beach. At the point of dismissal that the visitor is greeted with a wooden plank resort locations, such as bookmark Bobby's camp or Joyo's camp.

If travelling on land takes 4-5 hours, travel by sea could take less time. From Kuta in Bali only takes two hours. The rates offered to reach 125 dollar United States (u.s.) per person.

In the Coastal area, tourists usually stay Plengkung during the week. They can stay at the resort-cost dollar or guesthouse of the TNAP is little short of Plengkung, but cost rupiah.

The resort-the resort at Plengkung all take advantage of the silence of forests. Hanief, Director of the Bobby's Camp at G-land, saying that resornya operates generators minimal sound. The Generator that is capable of illuminating the resort and turn the air conditioning (AC) cable TV and hot water. Every day they also produce the bread themselves and cultivate local foods, as boiled Yam and taro, to meet the accommodation and food of the surfers.

With an average of 100 US dollars each day, for at least three days, tourists can enjoy the senyapnya forest, the waves roll, complete with a 5-star hotel accommodation.

However, if you want more efficient, Wisma TNAP in Rawabendo could be an option. Tariffs room only Rp 100,000. Warung in the complex area of the House can be a choice of places to eat, in addition to food messages of the homeless.

In this place you can be another sensation, attended, birds, animal behaviour, and the rustling of foliage friction.


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