Iced Coffee Is Kie, Coffee Tempo Dulu

YUDI/DOYANMAKAN.COM Coffee No Kie in Glodok. -Coffee No Kie this is what makes my forehead because the wonder and awe the regular. To be honest, the new time I set foot into the street door of Big South, Glodok. And I never thought that in a small alley, as there is so much food and so impressed tempo doeloe aka jadul (day first). Moreover, when we got An ice coffee shop, Kie ... wuih. jadul abis. A place that is quite old but very crowded, but there simply is no coffee; seems some round table meeting room coffee ice No Kie.

There is a group of families who were enjoying coffee milk and enjoy the food they pesa from the outside, and there is also a group of fathers of Chinese descent are being bercengkerama while enjoying their iced coffee. There is also a child who was enjoying a chicken porridge. And in one of the walls were plastered a frame that tells a filming in doing in An iced coffee, entitled Kie goddesses. Salut euy ....

Well I became increasingly intrigued with the taste of coffee, flavored coffee is not as great as do so many people Kie recommend this place to my liput. According to them An ice coffee is unique and legendary Kie. Even to be a place of shooting of the film.

Hmm ... in my mind is like Starbucks Jadul he-he ... Yes because it turns out that many people who sit there just to hang out with friends while enjoying the coffee Is very typical that Kie. My friend and I message iced coffee and Coffee milk has become a mainstay. His servants immediately meracik coffee in a glass of very clear, very simple workmanship, only in the mix with hot water and sugar, diaduk-aduk and given a chunk of ice cubes.

Yup, this is indeed a very simple coffee .... it feels very honest, the taste of coffee. Not like coffee-coffee fancy today mixed with vanilla syrup, mocha, and so on.  I love with iced coffee, fresh, sweet, and taste the coffee really typical. Very fragrant. I like it. Now we tried his Milk Coffee. It seems more legit than iced coffee, the more sweet because there is a mixture of milk. Friends I really liked the coffee Milk, but if I prefer his iced coffee.

O Yes I also order a Porridge Chicken ala No, because my stomach Kie still growls. Could be just the heck we message outside Tak Kie, but the seller of food outside the most non-kosher. So I decide to chicken porridge message in No Kie this alone. Of course buburnya as Chinese-style porridge complete with cakwe and spring onion.  It was quite tasty also koq buburnya and the price is also pretty cheap.

And there's one more thing that makes me glad to find this Coffee, i.e. No Kie ... they sell coffee bubuknya. I direct message bubuknya for I drink coffee at home. But when Sena; my visit to the House and I suguhkan coffee, ... he surprised with a very strong coffee aroma and fragrance. He immediately asked the brand he-he ... He is very interested with the coffee this one, and finally the coffee powder that I gave to him to bring him back home to the country, Korea.

I am delighted with this Coffee 's, as a result Kie outside my imagination. I agree why if no Kie became one of the first culinary tour Jakarta's tempo should remain in lestarikan. Unfortunately there are only open from morning until 2 pm only, so not to oversleep Yes if You want to try it out. (Ita)


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