Not Just Saung

COMPASS/TAMARA P SUDARSONO Gurame seasoning cobek at home Eating Saung Kuring 1, Parung, Bogor.

LINE Sawangan to the Parung not only there is a tempting saung. The weekend can be filled with visiting ground fishing line, sales of fresh fish, freshwater, hydroponic gardens Park tours, and hot springs.

You can buy fresh fish with prices relatively cheap in the pond fishing line Wait Jaya. Pond fishing line is located in a residential area of Sawangan Permai at Jalan Raya Sawangan are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

"Sawangan indeed fishing spots. People who like fresh fish can be bought it in many places, "said Suwandi (42), the Subdistrict Pancoran Mas, Depok. Pond fishing line along the path of Sawangan-Parung there by the roadside or in the Township. Just choose which ones are preferred foods.

Still in Sawangan, entering the Village via the road Crooked Prior, about 2 kilometers from the highway Sawangan, there is a Tourist Hut Zidane. Here, You and the family can enjoy the tours, lodging, and outbound with a co-worker with a tariff of Rp 40,000 to Rp 85,000 for 20 people.

Move towards Parung, Parung, there are Highways Parung Farm open to the public. In this place, visitors can shop vegetable or flower Orchid grown in hydroponics. Not that alone, visitors can also learn the techniques of hydroponics gardening vegetable and create means for gardening hydroponics.

"If you just look around, there are no costs. Employees will drive visitors browsed while explained. Here the water spinach and spinach grown generally because air Parung hot enough. If you join the training, the new charge, "said Sudibyo Karsono, one of the sysops Parung Farm.

Training can be followed at a cost of Rp 750,000 per adult, whereas for students of Rp 10,000 per person. Training takes place every day, exclusively for adults only Saturday from 09.00 till at 15: 00.

If you want to remove the tired could go deeper into the Parung by visiting the baths of hot water in the village of Cogrek Tirta Sanita, Parung. Its location approximately one hour from Market Parung towards Ciseeng. Enough to pay Rp 8,000 to adults and Rp 6,000 to the children during the holidays, the sulfur-containing hot water can be enjoyed.

Brrrrr ... hangatnya bathing here. (RTS/DIANBOBO)


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