Browse to the kilometre zero Monument

Sabang-Merauke monument in Sabang, Aceh, record the geographical position. Picture taken August 2009.

SABANG, Sabang city located on the island of Weh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, have many potential destinations. In addition to tours of the sea, Sabang on the western end of Indonesia that have other mainstay tourism objects, namely Tugu kilometre zero.

Prior to the point that most Western tip of Indonesia, we can explore the various attractions in the town of Sabang. For transport do not worry. Public transport as well as mini bus charter services available at the port of Sabang, Balohan. Mini bus tariff of Rp 350,000 per day and minibus Rp 50,000 per person.

What are the attractions in Sabang? We could see a row of Cannon as well as the old fortress ruins of Japan which was built around the coast. As known, Sabang is known as the city of a thousand castles. According to information from citizens, many of the tunnel towards the forts. However, the citizens have never browse the entire tunnel.

In addition to the Castle, we can also see old buildings like the first RS AL Lilipory used to care for the person with asylum, the old schools. There is also a Stadio Sabang Merauke, Sabang Plaza will be the center of trade, and other objects.

After skirting the town of Sabang, we can break and eat the food typical of Sabang, one banana burn, on the edge of the beach. Several restaurants as well as cottages were built on the edge of the beach.

Once satisfied to enjoy the blue of the sea, proceed to the kilometre zero Monument. If without around Sabang, travel towards monument takes about 40 minutes which is 32 kilometres from the port.

A dozen kilometers before the monument, we must pass through the winding roads, slopes and derivative. There is no building on the right or left side of the road. We only see a row of trees. The vehicle had to be extra careful because of the wide path can only accommodate two vehicles.

When you arrive, we greeted the herd of wild apes. Be careful with Your luggage because APE-ape it can pick it up and then bring the blur. One manager suggested that closing the glass of the vehicle so that the monkey could not enter.

That the faithful flock apes throw nuts or banana waiting from visitors. Not only apes, a large boar's tail has been tame joined the scramble nuts around the monument. So, bring the supplies of beans or banana.

After the beans or banana out, visitors can climb to the top of the monument was inaugurated by the Vice President, at the time, Try Sutrisno, on September 9, 1997. Dilantai basic monument, there is a 50 centimeter diameter mound of cement as bookmark zero. from the above tugu, visitors can enjoy the expanse of the sea again.


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