FC Barcelona

Football Club Barcelona (Catalan pronunciation: [FUB ː ɔɫ ˌ Klup bəɾsəlonə], Spanish [fuðβol kluβ βarθelona]) (colloquially often just as Barcelona and Barcelona known (in Catalan: [baɾsə], Spanish: [bar])), is a Spanish football club Barcelona, Spain. Games in the Spanish league and is one of only three clubs that has gone before.

Founded in Barcelona led Foot-Ball Club in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English and Spanish soccer players of Joan Gamper, the club was a symbol of Catalan culture and Catalan, hence the slogan "What Club Més UN" (in English Language: More than a club). Barca is the official hymn "Song of Barcelona" by Jaume Pica and Josep Maria Espinas written. Unlike many other football clubs, supporters of the ownership and operation of Barcelona. It is the richest football club in the world second in terms of income, with an annual turnover of € 398,000,000 €. The club has a long-standing rivalry with Real Madrid, and similarities between the two teams are known as "The Classic".


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