Foto Titi kamal terbaru

Until now, Titi Kamal has not shown signs of her two entities. He claimed the family also never demanded to get pregnant.

Therefore, he admitted to relax about the child. He also compares his parents' family and the husband who was also relaxed about the descent.

"We wrote a relaxing, family papahnya Tian also already dapet new three-year, in family mama I also already have 8 grandchildren," he said when met at the opening of 'Sushi Miyabi' in Depok, West Java, on Friday (12/02/2011).

Even so, the film stars 'Tri Mas ketir' it still has the desire to have a baby. He also believes, if it is his way, the child will present itself.

"Want to tetep pengin, all already there destiny, we still tried wrote," said the woman who married on February 6, 2009 it.

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