Contoh surat lamaran kerja 2012 Indonesia Inggris

PT Mandiri Securities has done underwriting of up to Rp 11.70 trillion during 2011. This figure is the total value of 22 companies underwriting handled by Mandiri Securities.

This was conveyed by Director Harry M. Mandiri Securities Supoyo in a press release on Tuesday (27/12/2011).

"Achieving that has been achieved so far this year will encourage Mandiri Securities is committed to continue to promote and provide added value to the Indonesian capital market industry," said Harry.

In the year 2011, the Mandiri Securities has done underwriting for Rp.11, 70 trillion, which consists of an IPO (Initial Public Offering) worth Rp.3, 98 trillion and debentures worth Rp.7, 71 trillion.

Underwriting is handled by Mandiri Securities against 22 companies including Astra Sedaya Finance, Federal International Finance, Adira Finance, General Podomoro Land, Antam, Garuda Indonesia, ABM Investama, Salim Ivomas Primary and most recently the Greenwood Prosperous.

"In addition, Mandiri Securities also deal with Bank Mandiri rights issue worth Rp 11.68 trillion, which is by far the largest rights issue undertaken by banks in Indonesia," he explained.

He further added by considering the economic outlook for Indonesia is continuing to grow as well as long-term debt rating Indonesia that has been categorized as investment grade, then Mandiri Securities optimistic about next year at least be able to handle the underwriting for about 6 IPOs and 11 debentures.

"The Indonesian capital markets face the challenge to continue to grow and contribute to the economy of the nation. For this reason, Mandiri Securities is committed to providing the best contribution to build a reliable Indonesian capital market and quality," said Harry.


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