Foto Bugil Personil 7 Icons

Girlband are on the rise, 7 Icons are not only compact when being on stage. I was so compact, seven women were also to bathe together.

"We're all at home. So, sleep together, bathe together, eat together. Anyway, it all runs together," said one personnel, Angela when found in Barcode, Kemang, South Jakarta, Friday (08/12/2011).

The singer of 'Playboy' it does look compact and cheerful. In fact, because only one roof they also claim to increasingly inseparable.

To seven personnel, Linzy, Vanilla, Angela Tee, Grace Wohangara, Natly, Mezty, and PJ is still young age. They also claim to have the same character, that is fussy.

"In fact we are more crowded than usual, because all the fussy, the night we are even more crowded," PJ said, laughing.


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