Artis Cantik Kelihatan toket

Artis Cantik Kelihatan toket Two years of not acting apparently made Mariam Rachel diving miss acting. Flavor also seemed to miss it pays off after Rachel was involved in the movie sequel 'Arisan'.

"Enjoying his work-release after the expression, let alone the right chemistry between all of them really click, so it's all there expecting 'Arisan 2'," Rachel said when met at the sidelines detikhot Shooting Arisan 2 'at Menara Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Thursday Artis Cantik Kelihatan toket (08/11/2011).

Rachel was very excited when playing back offered by the producer Nia Dinata. Although he is very busy as a legislator, she was willing to divide his time for the movie to be released early December.

"Thankful praise to God, teteh (Nia Dinata) even understand, I'm given a flexible schedule, instead of just follow the schedule of tea Nia I, because it can not possibly miss me too well," he explained.

Rachel re-playing the character Lita, Batak women who speak frankly. But in this sequel, Lita metamorphosed into a woman who ran for a career as a legislative candidate who is a lawyer but still with the distinctive character of Lita.

"Basicly personality is still the same, speak frankly, slengean, but more mature, how to get along in Jakarta already knew, not tacky," she said, laughing.

In addition to maintaining the stars in the previous film, 'Arisan 2' also features new characters in it that will be played by lovers and Atiqah Hasiholan Rio Dewanto. Artis Cantik Kelihatan toket The plan 'Arisan 2' will be released simultaneously on Dec. 1.


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