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Trend 2011 Car Modifications Wheels Racing 4 Year 2011 Design And Elegant. Year 2011 has been in front of our eyes, the modification was estimated to be more mature. In this rabbit, the trend of car modification specifically predicted to be more emphasis on comparative view functionality only. See Latest Trend 2011 Car More Fuel Efficient Cars Personal Update Automotive Trends and World's Most Expensive Cars Most Expensive Cars Specifications Only There are 3 units in the World.

According to Andre Mulyadi which is a Custom Built dedengkotnya Signal garage, car owners who want to modify the car ditahun 2011 should be more keen attention to proportionality, perspective, composition and Bodyline car.

In addition, changes may also occur in sound system, because at this time has appeared a variety of new technologies in seputaran this tone-producing device.

"But that will be obvious changes in the wheel that changed the direction to use Concave wheel that has a curved shape on the outside. Because of this in America is booming," said the father who has a child on this one.

In addition, the soft pastel colors are also expected to dominate in 2011. "For color in my opinion, the colors she will begin to be abandoned because these colors can not be used in daily use or can not be used to travel everyday," he added.

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