Fanny Fabriana Seksi Majalah FHM

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Foto Seksi Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana

Fanny Fabriana Seksi Majalah FHM -Fabriano Fanny began her career in showbiz by becoming a model. At that time he managed to become champion, Fanny Fabriana Aneka Magazine Cover Girl in 1999 and the first winner of Top Model in Indonesia in 2002. Disadvantages daughter and partner Barbara Doddy, which began the public knows that the virgin birth of Bandung 29th Last January 1985 offered some ads, like Pocari Sweat, the image online, and candy Capilano.

Fanny Fabriana Majalah FHM Started from the model and advertising, a former SMUN have 20 arriving as Bandung. Debut in the soap opera of thugs CAMPUS / Galang, but his name has become known as the soap opera play pesinetron pink-orange. Since then started the soap operas and television movie offers penetrating. Some series favorites grobak MAT, Naila, PERI Sok GAUL PROMISE Jaya, Fanny Fabriana Seksi and drivers queue Too Human.


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