Foto Seksi Marshanda

Foto Seksi Marshanda Ramadan this time is the first year for couples and Ben Kasyafani Marshanda live as husband and wife. But unfortunately, they could not break the fast together in this occasion.

"Because we were both filming soap operas so ya can not go together. We will be more break on the set," said Marshanda when found in Cone FX, FX Plaza, South Jakarta, Friday (07/22/2011) night.

Even so, the 21-year-old woman did not feel sad. Foto Seksi Marshanda The reason, he admitted that he could still carry out the meal with her husband.

"The question is usually asked for Ben's diet the day before. I'll try to satisfy what he wanted," he said with a smile.

Apart from all that, a movie player 'If Love Never maudlin' it would still feel a great longing for her husband.

"We can be alone if the weekend was also just one day could Foto Seksi Marshanda meet the same he would have really missed with Ben," he concluded.


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