Thousands Mazda2 Been Sold in Indonesia

Even though a new player four-wheel Indonesia, Mazda2's presence seemed to be greeted by pretty well. The proof was 3500 units sold during the 11 months Mazda2 in 2010.

Achieving that can be done by the Mazda2, according to the President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) Yoshiya Horigome showed that people responded positively to this car's presence in Indonesia.

"We see the Mazda2 will continue to grow until next year. Mazda2 will continue to be one of the top choices for customers by offering attractive value of the total, making it a very competitive product in its segment, "he said.

Newfangled hatchback car itself is reinforced by the machine MZR inline-four-cylinder, 16 valve DOHC, SVT has a capacity of 1,500 cc Maximum power 103 PS with torque of 135 Nm peak in the figures.

Message from the good society of the car that is sold at Rp 220 million to Rp 245 million could be because the Mazda present the Mazda2 with a design that is more fresh and attractive compared with rival earlier there.

And to further reinforce that image, then do not be surprised if MMI also create an event titled Stylish Mazda2 Rally next Sunday (12 December), to celebrate the 'spirit of stylish' Mazda2 far this year while doing Mazda2 is the first community gathering.

"MMI welcomes with enthusiasm the opportunity to meet with the owner Mazda2. Customers are 'ambassadors' best of our products; they are the key actors behind the rise in the name of the Mazda2 to the surface of the automotive market. This rally is an opportunity for us to meet each other and know each other, "added Horigome.


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